[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (2023)

Terraria are usually divided into two main arcs. Pre-Hardmode, which consists of everything before Wall of Flesh, and Hardmode, which consists of everything after Wall of Flesh up to and including Moon Lord. After beating the Wall of Flesh, you'll soon find that your current weapons don't last long in Hardmode. We've put together our top 10 best Early Hardmode weapons for Terraria for you, and how to get them!

10. Crystal Serpent

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (1)Watch the sparks fly!

The Crystal Serpent is an excellent early Hardmode weapon. Once you defeat the Wall of Flesh, you can get this weapon directly by fishing the Hallowed biome on each floor. This weapon is versatile enough to take you all the way to the Golem and possibly beyond.

What makes Crystal Serpent great:

  • Fire splatters projectiles that deal a lot of damage and can easily tear even golems apart.
  • Very easy to get.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 40 (magic)
  • Recoil - 4.4 (average)
  • Mana – 9
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Longevity - 29 (average)
  • Speed ​​- 13

How to get the crystal snake:

Instructions for obtaining the Crystal Serpent

9. Firecrackers

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (4)This whip crackles with fire!

Summoners often have very limited firepower. That changes with Beating the Wall of Flesh with the addition of class decals and the awesome fireworks. With this whip, your attacks can cause thatOn the right track!Debuff and also add explosions to your minion attacks.

What makes the cracker so tasty:

  • Increases the summoner's damage per second by a multiple.
  • Part of the summoner's arsenal until the end of the game.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 40 (magic)
  • Recoil - 2 (very weak)
  • Longevity - 30 (average)
  • Speed ​​- 8
  • Your summons focuses on hit enemies
  • Strike enemies with glowing energy
  • Flaming energy explodes from enemies hit by a call

How to get the fireworks:

Instructions for obtaining fireworks

8. Nimbus-Stab

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (7)Let it Rain! Literal!

The Nimbus Staff falls in the rain from angry Nimbus enemies in Hardmode. It shoots a small cloud at your cursor that continuously rains down damaging raindrops on your enemies. This weapon is extremely effective against segmented bosses like the Destroyer or even Plantera, as the Raindrops have infinite penetration.

What makes the Nimbus Rod so great:

  • Infinite penetration makes it a viable weapon against large enemies.
  • You can drop 2 at a time and switch to other weapons like the Crystal Serpent

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage – 36 (magic)
  • Recoil - 0
  • Mana – 10
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Usage time - 22 (fast)
  • Speed ​​- 16

How to get the Nimbus Rod:

Instructions for obtaining the Nimbus Staff

7. Sanguinischer Stab

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (10)hit them with damn bats!

Another great summoner upgrade would be the Sanguine Staff. It's one of the more accurate summoner weapons in the game, capable of taking down even the fastest enemies. It might be hard to kill the Dreadnautilus to get the drops, but it's worth it.

What makes the Sanguine Staff so great:

  • Fast, targeted minions provide precise crowd control
  • It can take you to the golem
  • Minions go through walls

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 35 (Summon)
  • Recoil - 8 (very strong)
  • Mana – 10
  • Runtime - 36 (very slow)
  • Speed ​​- 10

How to get the Sanguine Staff:

Instructions for obtaining the Sanguine Staff

6. Dartpistool

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (13)Who would have ever thought that darts could bounce?

The dart gun is the crimson version of the dart gun series in Terraria. While it does less direct damage than its Corruption counterpart, the Arrow Rifle, it makes up for it in speed. Equip yourself with great darts and you're good to go.

What makes the dart gun so great:

  • Different situations call for different darts
  • Crystal darts are great for crowd control
  • Cursed arrows deal constant damage
  • Secretion darts are great for reducing enemy defenses

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 28 (varying)
  • Recoil - 3.5 (weak)
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Usage time - 22 (fast)
  • Speed ​​- 13

How to get the dart gun:

Instructions for obtaining the dart gun

5. IJspriem

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (16)Crescent ice cream... got it?

Although it looks more like a scythe, the Ice Sickle is an excellent weapon in early Hardmode. You can farm it right away once you get into hard mode by going straight into the ice biome. It is very effective for close-range crowd control and can be greatly enhanced with Auto-Swing accessories.

What makes the ice cream crescent so great:

  • The floating projectile disappears after 5 seconds or after piercing 5 enemies
  • Ideal for worm enemies
  • Excellent crowd control for early hardmode

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 42 (Melee)
  • Recoil - 5.5 (average)
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Useful duration - 25 (fast)
  • Speed ​​- 8

How to get the ice cream crescent:

Instructions for obtaining the ice cream crescent

4. Titan-repeater

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (19)You can never go wrong with a good crossbow

Terraria has a plethora of eye-catching weapons that sometimes make you forget that the classics are still a good choice. A good example of this is the Titanium Repeater. This auto-firing crossbow is great for dealing damage and can be further enhanced with the help of special arrows.

What makes the Titanium Repeater so great:

  • Does high damage for a craftable pre-mech boss repeater.
  • Use special arrows for more damage or an endless quiver for non-stop action

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 41 (varying)
  • Recoil - 2.5 (very weak)
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Usage time - 18 (fast)
  • Speed ​​- 10.5

How to get the Titanium Repeater:

Guide to getting the Titanium Repeater

3. Golden shower

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (22)It's just magical, I promise!

Despite its embarrassing name, the Golden Shower is a great magical weapon that can be used until the very end of the game. It shoots out streams of secretions that cause a defense-reducing debuff that lasts a few seconds. This allows you and your team to deal massive damage with just one spray.

What makes the Golden Shower so great:

  • It is the only source of secrets for magicians
  • Defense reduction can be used even if the damage is no longer relevant

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage – 21 (magic)
  • Recoil - 4 (Weak)
  • Mana – 7
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Usage time - 18 (fast)
  • Speed ​​- 30

How to get the Golden Shower:

Guide to the golden shower

2. Daedalus Stormbow

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (25)Let it Rain! This time with arrows...

The Daedalus Storm Bow is one of the most popular bow weapons in the game. It allows you to shoot arrows from the sky and shoot three arrows at once with one click. This causes extreme damage when combined with Chlorophyte Arrows or Saint Arrows. This bow is so good that it can be used until the endgame

What makes the Daedalus Stormbow so great:

  • Extremely widespread arrows falling from above make them hard to miss
  • Fires 3 arrows for the price of 1

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 38 (varying)
  • Recoil - 2.25 (very weak)
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Usage time - 19 (fast)
  • Speed ​​- 12.5

How to get the Daedalus Stormbow:

Guide to obtaining the Daedalus Storm Bow

1. Sergeant United Shield

[Top 10] Terraria's Best Early Hardmode Weapons (and How to Get Them) (28)I can do this all day!

The Sergeant United Shield is a very interesting weapon because it allows you to hit multiple enemies while gaining a blocking ability. Shields have a unique passive ability that allows you to deal 400% more damage after a successful parry (right click on PC). This damage boost is not limited to the shield itself and can be very deadly through the use of hot-swapping. This makes the shield a viable tool for both offensive and defensive use.

What makes the Sergeant United Shield so great:

  • Holding down the alternate attack button will deploy the shield, increasing the defense by 20
  • Using the block at the right time will deflect the attack and negate any damage taken
  • Has relatively high damage for an item that can be purchased once Hardmode starts

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 80 (Melee)
  • Recoil - 0
  • Critical Chance - 4%
  • Runtime - 36 (very slow)
  • Speed ​​- 20

How to get the Sergeant United Shield:

Guide to obtaining the Sergeant United Shield

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