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Progression guides are fun, they help you progress through the game without having to explore wikis or find yourself endlessly if you get stuck. However, like many other sandbox games out there, Terraria is incredibly open and the player can do whatever they want. As a result, much of the curve is nonlinear. Everything explained in this manual is the most common, logical and/or easiest way. Also, don't take this as a complete guide to everything. There are many manuals for individual itemsboth on YouTube and on the official forums. Since I can't make a better quality video on all these things, I'll limit myself to just the progress path. Keep that in mind and play the game the way you want.

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Pre-hard mode


to collect wood


Kill slime throughout the day while collecting wood to get your first gel. These are essential for making flashlights that make both home navigation and mining expeditions a lot easier and safer.


Build a house and add 4 rooms for NPCs. You can go as far as you want with this, but 4 NPC housings should suffice for now.

ores and gems

Dig into the earth and aim for ores such as copper (tin), iron (lead), silver (tungsten), gold (platinum), or one of the gems (diamond, amber, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, amethyst).

NOTE: Watch out for heart crystals while mining. These increase max life by 20 each, and you'll want to get to 400 lives (max life before hardmode) as soon as possible.


Ores can be melted down into bars using the furnace (20 stone blocks, 4 wood, 3 torches) to make tools and armor.

armor and tools

Use it to upgrade armor and higher level tools, and use it to craft a grappling hook once you get 15 of a single gem. Aim for all-gold armor and all-gold tools, but if you're already familiar with the game, lower armor levels and just a gold pickaxe will suffice (or even skip mining altogether).


Build an arena with wooden platforms and get ready to buy some shuriken (about 250 is enough) from the merchant (this is where the 4 NPC houses come in). Always carry this with you just in case.

NPC houses

If your NPC cases are already occupied, build more NPC cases. Four more will suffice for now, but if you want to be more future-proof, build several more until you're happy. There are about 18 different NPCs in the game, so that's the total number of hideouts you'll end up aiming for.

EoC preparation

Then check your inventory and see what your overall defense and overall health is. If you have at least 200 Health, 10 Defense and 3 NPCs in your house, there is a 1 in 3 chance that the first boss, Eye of Cthulhu, will appear every night. If you don't meet these requirements, go out and level up to that level and be prepared to enter your arena as soon as a notification pops up at the start of the night.


An alternative to this is to hunt demon eyes until you collect 6 lenses. You can make the suspicious looking eye with these 6 lenses on a demon altar, which are usually found in Corruption of Crimson. Chances are it will be hard to find one though, as the mobs in both areas aren't exactly crooks.

EoC battle

Once you've used one of these methods, it's time to fight the Chtulhu Eye. Use your wooden platforms to dodge attacks and further drain his HP with your shurikens. After quite a long battle, you will get your trophy in the form of Demonite Ore or Crimson Ore.


Go ahead and melt the demonic/crimson ore into bars and craft the available tools. The tools you can craft from the ore alone are limited to the sword, ax and bow. You can now kill the Eye of Cthulhu a few more times to get all the tools available with the suspicious-looking eyes, or you can stop doing it for now.


If you have a suitable home, the dryad should move in with you now. That's why we fought for the eye. She sells cleaning powder. Buy about 100 of them. Now it's time to move on to Corruption/Crimson.


Build an arena just above the ground if you have Corruption, or an arena in the "cave" if you have Crimson.

the ball

Depending on whether your world has Crimson or Corruption, hunt Beating Hearts or Shadow Orbs. Sometimes they lie behind walls of stone that cannot be broken through. This is where you use your cleaning powder. The non-minable blocks turn to stone and you can get to your shadow orb/beating heart. Use your hammer to smash them and get the treats out. Remember breaking the third one will spawn the boss that matches the biome. So for now, just take a break of 2 until you feel you are fully prepared.


For corruption, buy grenades from the scrap seller if available, otherwise buy shurikens again. Any piercing weapon will work, such as the Ball 'O Hurt or the Vilethorn if you acquired it from your Shadow Orbs. While grenades really are the best, they crush the boss like no other. Go ahead and break the third sphere. Go to your arena and enjoy the fight.


Many items are good for this boss. A bow with foolish/unholy/flaming arrows will suffice, or even a weapon that can be looted from the beating hearts. Make sure you have ammo for each of them. The thing is, ranged combat works best because the biggest damage you take comes from the small bullets flying around it and the brain itself. Break the third heart when you're ready, enter your arena and enjoy the fight.

boss after math

Depending on which biome you have, you can now craft your Nightmare Pickaxe or your Deathbringer Pickaxe. After that, keep smashing bullets or hearts, or fight the boss a few more times with the appropriate summoning items (suspicious looking worm or bloody spine) until you have at least full Crimson or Shadow armor.

An associated farmhouse

After rightly acquiring the new armor and tools that make you a force to be reckoned with, it's time to head to the dungeons or the underground jungle and hunt for more accessories. The underground jungle requires no preparation, your new set will carry you. The goal here is to loot gold chests and heart crystals, and possibly grow spikes (drops from hornets) and jungle spores (luminous plants) to get the Blade of Grass. There are many accessories that can be found in the gold chests in the underground jungle, but these are the ones I would try before continuing: Hermes Boots (run faster), Cloud in a Bottle (double jump), and the Magic Mirror ( Immediately returns you to your spawn point). All of these items can be found in every underground gold chest, but it seems that the chests are more common in the underground jungle.

In the dungeon, however, you must face Skeletron by talking to the old man in front of it at night and defeating him. Build a long arena, use your best single weapon (weapons work well) and finish it. Then go to the dungeon and kill the skeletons and slime to collect golden keys. Normal chests in the dungeon can also contain golden keys. Use it to open gold chests and collect your loot (things like the Cobalt Shield are almost essential for later, while Muramasa, Blue Moon, Handgun, and Shadow Key are just nice to have).

For even more fun accessories, consider floating islands or pyramids. Both have some great items, especially when it comes to movement, like the shiny red balloon or the sandstorm in a bottle. However, it is entirely up to you how far you want to go with the farming accessories.


After finding the desired accessories/items in both the jungle and the dungeon, it's time to head straight into the underworld. Your goal is to get to the bottom layer of the world, which is full of bad guys and a lot of lava. There is one very important thing to do here. Farm Hellstone and Obsidian to craft Hellstone Bars in a Hellforge and craft at least one Molten Pickaxe. You can still mine Infernal Stone for the molten armor and the rest of the tool/weapon set if you wish, but only the molten pickaxe is essential. (show hellstone mining a bit to show a relatively safe route)

WoF preparation

Once you've collected all the Hellstone goodies you wanted, it's time to build a very long platform out of every block in the Underworld. This can be difficult when mobs are constantly harassing you, but it's important to make your life easier when you're battling the boss called "Wall of Flesh", the only thing standing between you and Hardmode. After doing this, make sure you've done EVERYTHING you want to do in the world right now, including growing all the items you want and designing your home the way you want. This will all be much harder after the Wall of Flesh.


When you're done, go back to your Demolition Expert and get some grenades. These will be your main weapon against the Wall of Flesh. Collect a Guide voodoo doll from one of the flying demons and go all the way left or right from your previously built long platform. Throw the doll into the lava and get ready to run to the other side throwing grenades at the WoF. Once defeated, collect your Pwnhammer and get ready to crash into Hardmode.

Access hard mode

Get started and go

Hardmode overwhelms many players who have just defeated the Wall of Meat. Almost every enemy is replaced by a much tougher variety, and in most cases the player is used to running through enemies only to suddenly find out that enemies actually kill the player in 1 or 2 hits. Don't be afraid of it, you get used to it pretty quickly. There are tons of new items you can get once you enter Hardmode, and I'm certainly not going to list them all. However, what I'm going to do is once again explain one of the ways that I think makes the most sense to get those awesome items that everyone is wearing.

Terraria progression guide and detailed tips - Gameloid (2)


Remember that big hammer that dropped the Wall of Flesh after you killed it? All right, we'll use it now. Go to the Corruption or your Crimson biome and search for as many Demon Altars or the Crimson variant as possible and start destroying them with your Pwnhammer. However, leave the altar, which is the easiest to access, as you may need it to craft some of the normal boss summoning items you would ever need. Messages will appear every time you destroy one of these altars. Each destroyed altar passes through one of three embassies corresponding to one of the ores of each layer. Level 1: cobalt/paladium. Phase 2: Mithril/Orichalcum. Level 3: Adamantite/Titanium. The more altars you destroy, the more of each ore is generated in your world. However, keep in mind that altars have a lower yield, which means that the first three altars you destroy will yield much more ore than altars you destroy after that. It's still a good idea to destroy as many as possible. The more ores, the less time to search.


Wings are so important to survival that I decided early on to tackle them. There is a method to get them back quite easily after going into hard mode, although it may take some time. Buy grenades! These are again super strong for what we are going to do. Also any ranged weapon you are familiar with. In case you haven't already, the Minishark is a great investment and will work really well for this part. Grab enough rope and make your way to the top. Once you reach the height where harpies begin spawning, begin building an arena-like area of ​​wooden platforms arranged in multiple rows. However, don't create a fence around the arena this time. This will be very annoying at first and there is a chance that you will fall. If this happens, try to return to the original rope so you don't fall to your death.

The goal now is to kill as many Wyverns and Harpies as possible. The platform is built to evade wyvern attacks as much as possible. Use your ranged weapon (mini shark rocks again) to shoot the harpies while switching to grenades to burn down wyverns. Collect all Escape Souls that fall. Now keep shooting harpies and wyverns until one of the harpies drops a giant harpy feather. The drop chance is only 0.5% per Harpy, so it may take a while. An alternative is to shoot one of the other feathers, but I've found it's the easiest to get to at this point and the wings will be a huge help.

(This will be MUCH clearer if I actually show it in a video, but I wanted to explain it here so I don't forget anything)

General information

  • The guide is virtually useless. If you need help with specific items and don't know how to craft them, add random items to the crafting guide in the guide. Have a new item type but don't know what to make with it? The guide will be your guide.
  • Don't be afraid to create multiple worlds for your farming needs. The more items you can move, the easier it will be to take advantage of the new "Farm" world. Usually small worlds work best for this.
  • Don't underestimate the power of accessories. Too many times I've seen people focus only on tools and armor while ignoring relatively easy to get things like a grappling hook or a cloud in a bottle. These are essential for better locomotion, making it easier to evade incoming attacks. Underground (gold) chests are your best friends and will certainly give you all the trouble to loot them once you find them.
  • Only gold chests, heart crystals and fallen stars are essential for character building. Heart Crystals increase your max health and greatly increase your survivability. These hearts are often found in the underground jungle or dungeon. If you don't have enough crystals from your dungeon, don't be afraid to create a new world and go to the new world dungeon/underground jungle. Fallen stars can be combined to create mana crystals (and with version 1.2 they only cost 5 stars instead of 10!) which increase the maximum amount of mana, which is essential for any wizard/mage character.

Terraria progression guide and detailed tips - Gameloid (3)

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