Terraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (2023)

I wanted to tackle this Eye of Cthulhu guide because this boss fight got me hooked on Terraria.

For most of the early game, there's an annoying curve where the night alone can be your undoing. Wandering through Crimson or Corruption iskiller village. A quick jungle game is rewarding yet challenging.

Of course, the necessary digging underground is difficult, but you only survive in the places below the forest. Eventually you get a good understanding and get some achievements. Wow! You can handle this game.

Build some houses, craft some armor, fight some... What's that scary red text on the screen when night comes?

“You feel an evil presence watching you…”

If you've faced a blood moon, you're thinking you can stop in a doorway and kill a few people. However, the moon is not red. So, what is happening?

The Eye of Cthulhu is coming to kill you. Since he goes through blocks and has a lot more HP than the non-boss enemies in his run so far... chances are he will.

Unless, of course, you've read this guide. Let's prepare it to kill an eye.

Bottom line at front:This Eye of Cthulhu guide will cover all the reasons to fight the eye and how best to fight it.

key informationTerraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (1)

  • The Eye of Cthulhu is a flying enemy.
  • She walks through walls.
  • He has ranged attacks, but his charge attack is the most damaging.
  • He only appears at night and won't attack you if you're deep enough underground.
  • May appear randomly in Pre-Hardmode.
  • Spawns anywhere on the surface, unaffected by biomes.
  • Fighting him without some range on his weapon will be difficult.
  • It disappears when morning comes.


Terraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (2)
  • Create a Sky Bridge long enough to comfortably run back and forth during the attack.
  • Triggering too many events before building the bridge can cause the eye to appear during construction.
  • The Merchant is who you want in your city. Build two houses and explore enough to get some gold coins and iron/lead bars and she should appear.
  • Buy him the iron sickle and anvil. Don't waste your ore crafting it. Use the ore for a better pickaxe.
  • Run around the map with the scythe, cutting grass to make hay.
  • Use hay to build your Sky Bridge.
  • Make sure the bridge is above the treetops, but not too high that you're fighting harpies when jumping.
  • With your Sky Bridge built, you should get a good weapon for visual flying combat and decent armor.
  • With a beak of iron and lead, it's time tostart digging.
  • To save time digging, go around the map and look for large trees or caves. Looting chests helps a lot.
  • Once you farm some silver/tungsten ore and get better weapons, you can build more houses and progress through the game until that eye appears.

minimal equipment

Terraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (3)

While there is no real team minimum or maximum, this is to help you better prepare.

  • Armor over ten: Silver or tungsten armor can do this. It is possible to obtain this with accessory bonuses. I defeated him with Shadewood Armor while taking pictures for this article. My armor was only 14. It was harder than I remembered, but doable.
  • Melee damage over 20: There's a nice Zombie Arm drop you can get at night to kill most pre-hard mode enemies. It won't do much against the eye. My suggestion is to brave the skies or hunt in the frozen underground. Build the cloud cities and search for the Starfury sword. This weapon will serve you well before hardmode and is just sitting in a sky chest. It's okay to die a few times looking for it. It's worth it and it's faster than digging. If you're facing the frozen underground, you're looking for an ice blade. It's not a guaranteed find, but it fires ice projectiles, making it one of the best pre-hardmode swords.
  • Ranged Damage 10 (Bow): Yes, the lowest range damage is enough if you believecertain arrows. Collect many fallen stars to craft Jester Arrows. Use gel and wood to make lots of torches to shoot arrows. The easiest bow to use is a Shade or Ebonwood bow, it's a quick craft and you can get it right from the start if you're nimble. However, a higher damage bow is clearly preferred. Fishing during the Blood Moon behind a sheltered spot, you can kill a mini-boss to obtain a Bloodfall Bow. This is the best option.
  • Drunk: Dealing a lot of damage with a yo-yo will require so much digging and farming that you might not have a good yo-yo ready for the first few steps of this fight. I suggest against yo-yo tactics until you have enough equipment to dig and buy some counterweights and a decent yo-yo from the skeleton vendor. If you have one, it's very effective against the Eye.
  • magic damage: If this is your target, you will wait longer to defeat him than an archer or swordsman. You can find a decent wand in chests and a spark wand in big trees. You really want to collect a lot of stars from your air transport. Max out your mana, put some stars in a jar for mana regeneration, and collect emeralds/rubies by digging. With some silk and a decent crafting area, you can make cloaks and wands out of them. You will have a low defense, asuitable assistantin this game you have to be fast. A steed is almost essential.
  • Amount: I suggest getting a steed sooner by completing five fisherman quests. You will receive a hairy carrot, this will allow you to assemble a rabbit. Yes, a rabbit. He can run up to 40 mph and has very high heels. It's a great mount for fighting the boss.
  • hook/boots: Making boots takes a little longer and you may find yourself struggling before you get anything close to decent footwear. Make chains with your iron and build ahookAs soon as possible.
  • health potions and accessories: Honestly, any accessory is fine at this point. The main point is that they increase your speed, armor or overall damage.
  • crystals of life:Ultimately, you want as much life as possible. Life crystals are found underground, my suggestion is a minimum of 100 health.

The easiest option, be brave and cultivate.meteorite ore. Once you have a grappling hook and a platinum/gold pickaxe. Armor and weapon can deal with all bosses before hard mode.

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early date

This boss is one of the first ones you're likely to encounter. It might start raining slime first, or you might have been daring and gone hunting in the underground jungle, accidentally summoning a queen bee.

Maybe you decided to attack the dungeon boss at night. Well, except for the Slime King, these other enemies are tougher. In fact, defeating The Eye can help you with them.

I would try to kill the eye first.

That said, your first encounter with The Eye will still be difficult. The game has a learning curve and is paved with tombstones.

the statisticsTerraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (4)


  • Dano: 23/36-40/54-60
  • Life: 1400-2800/2360-3640/3016-4641
  • defending: 0/0/0
  • resists: Confusion
  • recoil: Resists 100%

Attack Types

  • spawn minions. It will float above you and spawn mini versions of itself. Killing them will yield hearts and mana stars. This is the easiest time to deal damage.
  • charges. After spawning minions for a short time, he will start charging you. It charges at high speed on the screen up to three times. A grappling hook and/or double jump will come in handy to avoid this.
  • enraged charge. Sheds skin when low on health, less than 50% in normal mode and around 65% in harder modes. The new form that shows teeth has a faster attack and deals more damage. It also charges more often and stops spawning minions.

StrategyTerraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (5)

If you have a mount, you'll be fast enough to run back and forth in your air transport. Fire projectiles or hold your yo-yo towards them to deal constant damage. If not, try adding some movement speed items so you can run faster for this fight.

You'll want to buy a cloud in a bottle or create a hook before the date. When he starts attacking, you can double jump and grab the grappling hook to quickly dodge him. It's not a guarantee, but it's effective.

You'll want to make sure there are campfires around so your health gets a little extra regeneration.

Fire arrows or other projectiles that can cause status effects are a big help.

If you use a sword to fight, you'll need some sort of boot or double jump and the ability to ignore fall damage. Your objective will be to hit him when he's not carrying, so you need to be able to reach him.

At 20 damage per hit, you can kill this boss in about 100 hits. Let's say you have 100 health and no armor. Kills you in five hits. With ten armors, you increase your survivability twice as much. You need to hit him about eleven times for every hit he lands.

(Video) Terraria Beginner's Guide - How To Defeat The Eye Of Cthulhu And Arena Setup

Setting him on fire or poisoning him will halve the time it takes to kill him in normal mode. Fire arrows and a good bow are my strongest suggestions for your first date.

Keep some health potions up to date. That's all you need to know to win. The rest is with your fingers.

the drops

In a world that started with corruption:

  • demon ore(30-90) Required for high-end pre-hardmode platforms.
  • unholy arrow(20-50) Great ammo for bows.
  • corrupted seeds(1-3) Create corruption in the filth.

In a world that started with Crimson:

  • Crimson Mineral(30-90) Required for high-end pre-hardmode platforms.
  • crimson seeds(1-3) Create crimson in the earth.

Sometimes drops these rare items:

  • prismatic(holding them allows you to change your view by holding the cursor down).
  • Eye of Cthulhu Mask. Vanity article.
  • Eye of Cthulhu Trophy. Wall decoration.

Always release the following:

  • minor healing potion (5-15)
  • gold coins x3

If you defeat him on the same day as defeating Wall of Flesh:

  • badger hat. Vanity article.

In expert mode, you can get the following:

  • Terraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (6)shield of Cthulhu.This is a very good accessory that gives you the ability to run. The Dash attack does 30 damage and has a strong knockback. It also provides additional defense.

In master mode, you can get the following:

  • aviators. vanity item
  • Relic of the Eye of Cthulhu. Large moving statue of El Ojo. Furniture.

Should you grow it?

Yes. It is the easiest boss to craft a summon item. Crafting full gear, weapons, and a fishing rod from the ore you drop is a great way to maximize your earnings on pre-hard mode.

How to summon it?

  • You will have to make asuspicious eyeif you want to invoke it manually.
  • You can only summon it at night. It will disappear at dawn.
  • You cannot summon more than one at a time.
  • Terraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (7)Suspicious Eye Prescription: Lensx6 next to a Demon/Crimson Altar

What is Cthulhu?

Terraria Eye of Cthulhu Guide: It's Watching You - Indie Gaming Culture (8)

A hideous creature from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft. It was created in 1928 by the genius of a writer and has become synonymous with horror lore ever since. Terraria makes many references to the great and extravagant fantasy horror story of our time throughout its gameplay.

(Video) Terraria Expert Mode Guide and Tips for Beginners 2! Expert Eye of Cthulhu Guide! Reaver Shark Skip!

The Eye of Cthulhu is another way to honor the talented writer who inspired many horror fans to create their own literature. Many other authors have used Lovecraft's Cthulhu in their own works, including Stephen King, making the name a legend for all fans of the genre.

You can read more about it.hereif it piques your interest like it piqued mine.

Guide to the Eye of Cthulhu: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Eye of Cthulhu hard?

Answer: No. However, it killed me the first time. So it's a no regarding other bosses in Terraria.

Question: Are there Two Eyes of Cthulhus?

Answer: No. It would be The Twins, a Hard Mode boss.

Question: Is there a Cthulhu boss?

Answer: No, you only fight the missing eye. However, Moon Lord, the final boss, resembles H.P. Lovecraft's description of Cthulhu. As Lord of the Moon, Cthulhu is also a horror from another planet.

Question: Do I need to defeat the Eye of Cthulhu to defeat Terraria?

Answer: No. However, if you don't defeat him at least once, he will keep appearing on random nights until you do.

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happy eye hunting

That's all you need to know to turn off the giant eye lights. You may hear it coming before you see it, but it sees it long before you hear it.

Good luck and good game.

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