Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (2023)

One of the most interesting aspects of Terraria is thechefs. The game includes full14 Bossthat you have to defeat in a way that the bosses aremuch harderwhen others come last. However, theboss commandit can be confusing for many people. Here we see the bestterrariumsboss's orderIt is likebesiege a boss.

main highlights

  • terrariumshave more than14 Bossto bedisputedEEach boss is unlocked at different stages of the game.
  • OChefs that you will find interrariumswill bein order,become bosses earlyEasierbut little by littleget heavier.
  • These are the bosses you will fight in turnHealth:
    • Eye of Cthulhu (1400 hp)
    • King Slime (2000 cv)
    • Brain of Cthulhu (3250 hp)
    • Queen Bee (3400 hp)
    • Skeleton (4400 HP)
    • Fleischwand (8000 HP)
    • The Destroyer (80,000 hp)
    • Skeletron Prime (28.000 PS)
    • The Twins (43,000 hp)
    • Planta (15.000 hp)
    • Golem (25.000 HP)
    • Herzog Fishron (60.000 PS)
    • Mad Cultist (32,000 HP)
    • moon king (body: 4500 hand: 2500 core: 5000)
  • allof thesechefshe wantsautomatically generateafter hitting rightConditionsor it can becalled.
  • To bechefsget really hard like youcontinueand progress in relationArmor, weapons, and gear are crucial.
  • All of theseBosses also have to deal with different attack patterns and techniques.


With the right weapons and skill execution, these unique bosses can be easily defeated. Since equipping better weapons as you progress is the only way to increase your mana, the better weapons you have the easier it is to defeat bosses. Below is the order in which you should fight Terraria's bosses and a description of how to defeat them.

The Eye of Cthulhu

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (1)

The Eye of Cthulhu will be your first boss encounter in the game, and this boss is a large circular eye-like creature that roams the arena.


When you reach 200 hp, there is a 33% chance for the Eye of Cthulhu to appear at night.

Another way to summon this boss is to kill the demonic eyes that fly at night and collect their lenses (you need about six).suspicious eye

Once obtained, using this item at night will summon the Eye of Cthulhu.

Just before appearing, the message "You sense an evil presence watching you" appears. Defeating the boss is not important to winning the game, but its rewards are what motivate players to fight it.


The Eye of Cthulhu will spend most of its time hovering over you. He will summon his minions who will attack him. A good strategy in this situation is to equip a weapon like a sword. Target your apprentice where your minions will spawn. After the eye sends its 3 or 4 minions towards you, it will attack you, but you can avoid these attacks by dodging. Hit him with arrows before he disappears after your attack to set him on fire. In the second phase of combat, this eye will lose its iris to reveal a fanged mouth. The mechanics of this transformed enemy are a little different. Don't attack him while he's attacking you, just attack him when he stops for a few seconds after 3 consecutive attacks.

Tips and tricks

If you mine a lot, you'll eventually find a Gravity Potion. Using this potion on the surface allows you to control gravity and fly. Search a floating island to discover a sword called Starfury that can easily defeat it.terrariumsChef

slime king

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (2)

Despite barely qualifying as a boss, King Slime manages to make life difficult for rookies who don't have up-to-date equipment. Most of his attacks are predictable and he cannot move through blocks, giving the player a visible advantage.


King Slime has a unique spawn system.

King Slime can spawn under the following conditions

  • Make a gold or platinum crown and then you must go to the demon altar and combine it with 20 gel.
  • By defeating 75officialduring a slush rain.
  • King Slime Boss also has a high chance of appearing in a slime rain.


King Slime attacks by jumping at the player. Its jump depends on the distance between the player and the slime, if you are too far from it it will teleport to you. The more damage it takes, the smaller it becomes, making it more critical to hit. King Slime spawns many small blue slimes with a very simple moveset, this oneterrariumsThe boss can be drained with weapons like guns.

Tips and tricks

To fight the King Slime without taking too much damage, you must dodge its teleportation ability. This can be done by using a rope to place it at the highest point (about 35 blocks) off the ground and climbing onto it. That way you can attack him without him teleporting to you.

Creating one or more platforms can also be helpful. Or using the roof of a small room, as King Slime cannot move in very confined spaces.

Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu:

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (3)

This Terraria boss is quite difficult, but it contains a lot of rewards and can cause difficulties. In the land of corruption, you fight this boss as an Eater of Worlds. The Brain of Cthulhu is the counterpart of the World Eater you'll find in Crimson Terrain.


Cthulhu's brain can be generated through

(Video) Terraria All Bosses In Order Expert Mode Guide & Fights! (Easiest to Hardest, How to Spawn Them)

  • Crush three red hearts
  • With a bloody pimple

While the Eater of the Worlds can be spawned through

  • Using Worm Food in Corruption
  • Crush three shadow spheres


Cthulhu's Brain will be surrounded by at least 20 creepers during the first phase of the boss fight. At this stage, the brain cannot be attacked. The first phase is probably the hardest, as the boss will teleport to your position and behind you, along with creepers for extra damage. So your priority should be to eliminate those little creepers before you can actually damage Cthulhu's brain. With very low health, this boss is now very vulnerable. Use your strongest weapon to destroy it.

The Eater of Worlds is a worm that has many threads. Use weapons like rifles to deal a lot of damage to these segments. After killing a segment, the segment in front of it and the segment behind it combine to form a new worm with a new head and tail. The head has more damage but no defense, while the tail is more defensive but no damage.

Tips and tricks

For the Brain of Cthulhu, it is recommended that you prepare your arena with lights and fires beforehand and have your weapons ready. Also usesunflowersfor extra speed and a reduced enemy spawn rate

A very useful trick to defeat the eater of worlds is to break one of the balls and wait for the meteoroids to fall. Mining this meteoroid will give you a space cannon and meteoroid armor. You can take advantage of the Space Cannon's infinite ammo to smash bosses in Terraria quite easily.

Refer to:Guia Terraria Eater of Worlds

Queen Bee

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (4)

Queen Bee is important to Destroy inTerraria-Boss-Orderbecause if you kill them, the sorcerer will be summoned to your village. After killing them, you can also explore the jungle and underground.


Queen bees can be spawned under the following conditions

  • Go to the jungle biome and find a beehive. Enter and break the larva that will summon the queen bee
  • Using Abominations in the Jungle or Underground Jungle


The queen bee can poison you if you touch her or her stingers. Like many other bosses, Queen Bee has her minions called bees. If he attacks you, you must double jump or dodge his attacks. The poisoned debuff lasts longer when touching the Queen Bee than when hit by one of her stingers.

In this situation, use the hive's honey pool to regenerate health.

Tips and tricks

Using a space cannon would also be very useful here. Here, too, honey pools are very useful for health regeneration.

Lerqueen bee terrariumDetailed instructions here.


Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (5)

The boss "Skeletron" protects and guards an underground labyrinth known as a dungeon. This boss is the old man you find outside the dungeon. This old man is cursed and defeating the skeleton will break his curse. This hellish boss is difficult to fight and dodging his attacks can be a nightmare. Boss structure is a skull with 2 arms


Skeletron can be summoned as follows

  • Talk to an old man near the dungeon entrance at night.
  • Kill an NPC trader with a clothing maker voodoo doll. This must be done at night.


To defeat this boss, you must destroy its skull. He attacks with his arms and can rotate them at different times and in different directions. This makes dodging Skeletron's attacks difficult.

Use weapons that will help you to damage your arms and skull. Weaker arms can detach easily.

Skeletron's deadliest attack is undoubtedly its spin attack, locking its arms in an upward position. Dodge his attacks or you'll lose a health slot when caught by his combo attacks. Make sure you destroy the skeleton's skull before dawn, because after that, the skeleton will continuously spin towards you, dealing an extreme amount of damage.

Tips and tricks

The Spiked Balls obtained from the Goblin Army can be useful in this fight. Spread them around the arena where you fight Skeletron. They will continue to damage as you fight.

meat wall

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (6)

The last boss you'll encounter before entering hard mode is the Wall of Flesh. This screen-sized wall uses lasers and a mouth to attack you.

generation mechanism

Go to the lava in the underworld and drop the voodoo doll into the steaming lava while the thing is still alive. The easiest method to acquire the voodoo doll in Terraria is to defeat a voodoo demon.


Standing in front of the boss will give you an advantage when fighting him in the game. It will gradually move towards him. Keep your distance from him, but don't go too far, as you can be drawn into him and take damage from hazards like lava. Use your Lava spell here just in case. The wall of flesh will attack you first with their little mouths called hungry, which have a long vein attached to them. Accordingly, if you attack them, they will be separated and come at you. Once they are defeated, focus on attacking the eyes first and then the mouth, as the eyes have no defenses.

Another enemy you'll encounter while fighting this wall are the leeches. These leeches are released through the mouth of the wall. They will drop a heart when they die, make sure to collect them as they will help you fight the wall. Use your melee weapons to kill them.

As the wall gets more and more damaged, it starts moving faster and the damage from the lasers increases.

(Video) Terraria 1.4 | The Guide to ALL Bosses

Tips and tricks

A strategic way to defeat this boss is to have the Obsidian potion and the Featherfall potion skillfully move around the arena. You can also build a bridge over the underworld to move quickly.

Another strategy is to use Hellstone to create a Phoenix blaster and use meteor missiles with it for maximum damage.

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The destroyer

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (7)

The mechanical version of Eater of Worlds, this is the first boss you'll encounter on hard mode. It is necessary to defeat this boss to unlock Plantera.


  • Smash a Demon or Crimson Altar
  • Use a mechanical auger at night


It buries itself underground and attacks you from below. The head does more damage. Each segment would attack you by firing lasers. His attacks are difficult to dodge, as his lasers are fired in different trajectories. It also spawns many probes that can move through blocks. He has a 33% chance to drop a heart when killed. Try to dodge upstairs while fighting this boss, because if he manages to get on top of you, he'll give you little to no room to dodge his probes.

Tips and tricks

A good way to defeat this boss is to get the Bow of Daedalus Storm. This can be achieved by summoning and defeating a Hallowed Mimic. Combining this with Fool's Arrows gives you a very powerful weapon. Fly around the arena using wings while shooting the destroyer. This allows you to get more hits without doing too much damage.

prime skeleton

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (8)

Unlike many others in Terraria Boss Order - This boss is even harder than the Destroyer, and when playing Terraria on hard mode, you can expect to be attacked out of nowhere by this boss. Most frightening, and probably the points on the Skelton Prime boss's hit counter, are its four members: Prime Vice, Prime Saw, Prime Cannon, and Prime Laser.

However, you can deal more damage to the most exposed and easy-to-hit part of this boss. the head. The interesting point here is that if you focus fully on the head of the boss and kill it before attacking the rest of the four limbs, you can defeat the boss and not worry about the four arms as they will take care of themselves.


Each arm has a unique attack pattern. Prime Saw is the least aggressive but does high damage. Prime Vice does less damage, but will attack you more than Prime Saw. Meanwhile, Prime Laser hovers over you and fires lasers. However, when enraged, this member tends to be the most aggressive and is significantly harder to destroy.

The main gun fires bombs that explode when they hit a solid block. This arm is a little less threatening than the others.

The head hovers over the player at all times, and like Skeletron, it also has a spinning attack that doubles the attack speed of the other limbs.

Tips and tricks

It's best to destroy its arms first because that makes its head very vulnerable.

Using a golden rain will also help.

The Twins

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (9)

They are like the eyes of Cthulhus, but combined. Of the three mechanical bosses, these deal the most damage and are very difficult to destroy.


  • Smash a Demon or Crimson Altar. However, this applies to the trio of mechanical bosses. If the twins are the only ones left, they will be the only ones to spawn.
  • Use a mechanical eye at night


These two eyes must be defeated separately. One of these eyes is called a retinazer. It has a red iris and fires lasers. The other is called Spazmatism and has a green iris and fires cursed flames.

Retinazer deals less damage than Spazmatism, but has a higher accuracy rate.

Retinazer lasers are difficult to avoid during combat. It is recommended to defeat Spazmatism first, as it deals more damage.

Tips and tricks

A magic weapon that uses curses, like a mega shark with cursed bullets, can deal a lot of damage to twins and be very useful in defeating them.

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Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (10)

"Plantera" boss will appear when you defeat all three mech bosses i.e. H. the Destroyer, Skeletron Prime and the Twins

summoning system

This boss can only be summoned by breaking Plantera's lamp in the jungle biome


If you have speed boosting gear, you can easily dodge this boss's attacks. Keep moving and use the arena to your advantage by making the room longer and narrower.

At 50% health, the boss's petals wither and a green mouth appears. In this phase, Plantera is at full speed and defense

(Video) ALL OF TERRARIA IN 8 MINS! Terraria Progression Guide! Step by Step Guide for Beginners 2020!

Try to kill their tentacles by continuously shooting them and dodging their attacks.

It will attack you with seeds, thorny beaks, hooks and spurs. He will also release his minions known as walkers.

Tips and tricks

Enlarge the area and light it with torches

Throw spiked balls anywhere for extra damage.

Weapons like meteorite missile guns and bows come in handy in this battle.


Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (11)

In Lizahrd Temple, you can fight a boss known as Golem

It's a very powerful boss with high HP and a variety of attacks, but since he's not very mobile, you can easily dodge his attacks.


This boss can be summoned with the Lizahrd Power Cell at the Lizahrd Altar. To enter the temple you need the Temple Key that Plantera drops, so fight it first.


Try to focus on its head and hit it with weapons like rifles. The head spits out two fireballs that travel across the arena. In this phase it is important to avoid the fireballs. When 50 percent is reached, eye lasers are also used. Destroying the head reveals its TRUE form and any remaining limbs attack you for increased damage.

Tips and tricks

Poisonous projectiles with a heavy damage weapon can do a lot of damage. And they are very useful for this fight.

You might want to refer to this:Terraria Golem Boss Guide

Herzog Fishron

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (12)

This is one of the final bosses in Terraria and is considered one of the hardest bosses in the game.


Duke Fishron can be summoned using a fishing rod with a truffle worm found in the mushroom biome as bait in the ocean.


Duke in his first form charges his arousal and attacks you 5 times with a short pause between each attack. After charging, generates two attacks. The first attack fires around 20 detonation bubbles

On his second attack, he will spawn two Sharknados on each side, which will launch his minions called Sharkrons towards the player.

Below 50 percent, his eyes light up and he stops moving for a second.

In this phase, your speed increases and damage rate increases. But he becomes more vulnerable when his defenses are down.

Tips and tricks

Getting a unicorn mount and building a bridge across the ocean can be very useful

The Sharknados can be avoided by using swift wings or a mount summoning item like the Cosmic Car Key to help you stay above them.

crazy cultist

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (13)

This is the penultimate boss in Terraria Boss Order. Defeating the Mad Cultist would summon the Heavenly Towers


Killing the 4 cultists that appear in front of the huge golden orb would summon the mad cultist.


This boss has three primary attacks

A ball of ice that spins while shooting shrapnel.

(Video) How to progress in Terraria (1.4 Beginner's Guide)

Three fireballs that would explode on contact.

A stationary orb capable of summoning deadly lightning.

When in a vulnerable state after taking enough damage, a fourth attack where the Mad Cultist summons two ancient beams of light that can be destroyed.

After a series of attacks, the cultist would now produce multiple copies of itself that are non-mobile.

After that, a Phantasm Dragon will appear and, if it's already there, an Ancient Vision. The crazy cultist clones would continue to spawn the more you attacked them. A good way to spot the fakes is to fight this boss at night, as the fakes would glow.

Tips and tricks

A good way to destroy this boss is to get Chlorophyte Orbs.

Keep in mind that Lunar Events would start shortly after defeating this boss, so make sure you are fully prepared.

moon king

Terraria Boss Order and how to defeat them (14)

The last and toughest boss in Terraria is the Moon Lord.


You will face this boss once you destroy the 4 celestial towers.


The moon lord has eyes on his hands and forehead, you can only attack them and most of his main attacks come from here as well. The eyes in his hands fire ghostly spheres and create ghostly eyes that alternate between them.

The ghostly death ray shoots out from its forehead. Eyes only take damage when open or active. When you defeat an eye, it pops out and is now the True Eye of Cthulhu. Empty sockets now have fangs that only deal damage on hit.

Sometimes, a tongue can also pop out of its mouth, attempting to lick the player and inflict the Moonbite debuff.

By far the deadliest attack the Moonlord produces is the Phantasmal Deathray. Dodging him should be a priority.

After defeating all 3 eyes of the boss, you will have to face the hardest part of this boss, its core.

Tips and tricks

A good weapon with Chlorophyte bullets along with good armor is needed for maximum attack power and strong defense against the Moonlord's attacks. Another strategy is to build a flying mount to land a good amount of damage without taking too much damage from your attacks.

Have you read this far? This was eXputer's Terraria Boss Order Guide. We hope our tips and tricks will help you in your Terraria endeavors. All stats and boss guides have been provided for your convenience. Lots of luck!

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