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Despite ageOld school RuneScapeIt's more popular today than it was 10 years ago. The nostalgic MMORPG has continued to evolve and has recently made its way to iOS and Android smartphones - further expanding its reach and total player count. Today, more than ever, people travel to Gielinor to experience the glory days of massively multiplayer gaming.


  • Essential quests for beginners
  • focus skills
  • Start following an adventure path
  • places to explore
  • Earn your first million on the Grand Exchange
  • Learn the AFK skill
  • There's no wrong way to play Old School RuneScape

Beneath its simple graphics, however, lies a complex web of mechanics, many of which are never fully explained to new players. If you're having trouble dealing with the free-running shapesOSRS, You are not alone. Here are some beginner tips to help you understand everything there is to knowOld school RuneScape.

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Essential quests for beginners

After completing the lengthy tutorial, you'll be summarily dropped off at Lumbridge. A vast world of possibilities lies ahead of you, but your best chance to discover the ins and outsOld school RuneScapeis to dive headfirst into some missions. Not only will this award impressive rewards - like XP for key skills - but it will also introduce you to important characters, concepts, and locations that you'll likely want to familiarize yourself with.

Some even require skills, meaning you'll have the opportunity to learn about cooking, crafting, logging, fishing, and more while completing some quests.

Both free-to-play and members have a variety of quests available, although we recommend beginners start with the following:

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  • Kitchen Help:A simple but iconic quest that introduces you to the world of cooking.
  • Waterfall Quest (Members):You should get a few levels before attempting this one, but it's a great source of XP and a great way to try out one of the more complex missions in OSRS.
  • Big Tree (Members):Another great way to gain XP and the perfect way to learn about safe detection - i.e. H. the use of a ranged weapon in a place protected from enemy attacks.
  • knight sword:Bring some food, but completing this quest grants you tons of Smithing XP and is a great introduction to the bustling city of Falador.

Also, most free quests provide a great introduction to all thingsOld school RuneScape. Take a few minutes to go through the available quests and pick a few that sound interesting to you - before you know it, you'll have completed them all and acquired the coveted Rune Plate Body.

focus skills

RuneScape Old School Beginner's Guide | digital trends (1)

As mentioned earlier, some quests require you to reach a certain skill level before you can begin. If you're out of quests - or looking for a more relaxed way to spend time in OSRS - there are plenty of skills you can work on to level up. At the end of the day, there is no "best" way to level up your character. Instead, just find a skill you like and get to work.

Old school RuneScapeallows you to reach the maximum level in all skills, so don't feel like you lose one skill by improving another. If you're looking to make quick money as a new player, you should focus on these three skills:

  • fishing
  • cutting firewood
  • Mining

To improve your combat skills, we recommend Attack, Strength, and Defense - in that specific order. You should also equip the best weapons available at your current tier, as this will result in a huge increase in damage output and a boost in your XP gain rate.

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Start following an adventure path

If you are a new OSRS player, you have the option to follow certain adventure paths. Speak to adventurer Jon north of Lumbridge and he will give you some quests to help you get acquainted with the wide world of Gielinor. There's no wrong option here - pick a few that look interesting and work to complete them. Not only are they a great way to learn about the various gameplay mechanics of OSRS, but they are also rewarded with great gear for beginners.

places to explore

RuneScape Old School Beginner's Guide | digital trends (2)

An MMORPG is only as good as its open world environment, andOSRShas arguably one of the best in the business. As a new player, you'll be pulled in a dozen different directions, but be sure to take a moment to explore the following areas - each of which offers plenty of quests and NPCs to converse with.

  • Lumbridge
  • Varrock
  • talkative
  • Al Kharid
  • Vila Draynor
  • Port Sarim
  • Village of Seers (Members)
  • Ardougne (Members)
  • Kingdom of Great Kurend (Members)

Earn your first million on the Grand Exchange

RuneScape Old School Beginner's Guide | digital trends (3)

While you can make a little money by selling your unwanted items to an NPC, this is the best way to make goldOld school RuneScapeuses the Grand Exchange. Located northwest of Varrock, the Grand Exchange is essentially a massive online marketplace for other players. Simply select an item you wish to sell, set a price - or follow the current market average - and list it for sale. Other players can buy your items, which usually cost a lot more than an NPC.

It will take time, but once you develop enough gathering skills, you can make quick money from the Big Exchange. It's also a great way to snag elusive items and gear that are only sold to a select few in Gielinor.

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Learn the AFK skill

Come onOld school RuneScapenow available for iOS andAndroid, AFK ability has become an even more important part of the game. The AFK ability simply sends your character off to perform a task while you're away from your phone or computer. Some skills are better suited for this than others - fishing and logging are the most popular - since you can get a few minutes of work done with just one click.

This can also work with combat skills when fighting aggressive enemies and also attacking you while idle. Free characters can delve into the Fortress of Security in the Barbarian Village and battle Flesh Crawlers, while members north of Rellekka can battle Rock Crabs. Either way, mobs will eventually become immune to your presence and stop attacking after a few minutes. When this happens, just leave the area and come back and they will attack you again.

There's no wrong way to play Old School RuneScape

It doesn't matter what you do or how fast you level up, it's important to remember that there is no wrong way to play.Old school RuneScape. Some experienced players go for months without touching a quest, while others never venture into the PvP wilderness.Old school RuneScapeIt's considered a sandbox MMO, which means you can do whatever you want in its sprawling world. Amass a fortune on the Great Stock Exchange, become a quest champion, or try to max out all your skills - whatever you choose, you can just know that you're playing exactly the way the developers intended.

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