OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (2023)

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (1)

This is a comprehensive guide to Chambers of Xerics in OSRS. We'll cover all the basics, including building gear, status requirements and recommendations, how to explore raids, how to successfully complete each room, and how to prepare for the final battle.

This guide is quite long as Chambers of Xeric is considered endgame content and has a learning curve. We'll run through the basics before diving into each room. Each room type has its own strategy guide, which summarizes everything you need to know in case you need a refresher.

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1Was het sind Chambers of Xeric?


3How CoX Works

4CoX Requirements

Statistics recommended by 5CoX

6Gear configuration for CoX

Set up 7CoX inventory

8How to start a CoX raid


10 rooms with Xeric puzzle rooms

11 Rooms of the Xeric Battle Rooms

12Preparation for Olm

13The Big Elm (Boss)

14CoX Rewards

15How to Find Raiding Partners

16How to learn coX

17Weitere Raid Guides

Was het sind Chambers of Xeric?

Chambers of Xeric is an end-game boss activity in OSRS known as a Raid. Chambers of Xeric is often simply abbreviated as "CoX" or "Raids 1" as it was the first raid to come to OSRS.

During a typical CoX raid, you'll complete a series of randomly generated rooms consisting of puzzle and battle rooms before taking on the attack's final boss: the Great Elm.

The main difference between CoX and CoXToB (Raids 2)InToA (Raids 3)is that CoX uses randomly generated rooms and forces you to make your own potions, while both ToB and ToA have static layouts and the same half bosses on every raid.

Even though CoX is the first raid to come out, that doesn't mean it's the easiest or first raid you should do. ToA is much simpler and the summons system allows you to start at a noob-friendly level, while CoX is much more difficult for new players. That said, CoX is a lot of fun and still a very popular raid!

how do i get here

Chambers of Xeric is located on top of Mount Quidamortem.

player with65% of Lovakeng casesYou can use the Minecart network to get here easily.

For new players, the easiest way to get there is with the mountain guide. This man is located southwest of the Shayzien camp and will take you to the top of Mount Quidamortem if you have already spoken to him above.

To unlock the mountain guide, you have to talk to him once at the top of Mount Quidamortem, which means you have to walk all the way to it. You can useFairy ring teleporteert D-J-Rto go to the Shayzien camp andGo to the top by following the yellow path. Once at the top, find the mountain guide and talk to him.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (2)

You will be able to do this in the futureTeleport to the Fairy Ring D-J-R and follow the green path to get thereYou can easily reach CoX by talking to the mountain guide.

The best teleportation method to CoX is hidden behind the Ancient Tablet, a non-tradeable drop from Chambers of Xeric. This stone can be used on your Xeric Talisman to permanently unlock the Xeric Honor Teleport, which will take you straight to the top of Mount Quidamortem.

How to get Xeric's Talisman

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (3)

The Xeric Talisman cannot be traded and must be obtained by killing Lizardmen. You have to kill lizard peopleReceive the Favor of the ShayzienAnyway, you can kill two birds with one stone.

TOP:CompletedSimple diary of Kourend & Kebosto lower the drop rate for Xeric's Talisman from 1/250 to 1/125.

How CoX works

Chambers of Scouting allows us to focus on efficient layouts and also avoid certain half-bosses that are unsuitable for apprentices. More on scouting later.

You will not have access to your bank during the robbery. However, you can access a private storage box to deposit items for safekeeping. Later in the raid, you also create a shared stash box for your team.

Each CoX Raid consists of the following:

  • Resource room where you can grow, fish, cook and craft potions
  • Room with Scavengers dropping Herblore Secondary Compounds
  • X number of puzzle rooms
  • X number of battle rooms
  • The Great Olm (boss)

You must complete each room in order before you can take on the Great Elm. Before going to Olm we go through this phase called "Preparation Phase" where we edit abutments and make enough potions for the battle.

Certain Dem bosses also drop potions and herbs, speeding up the preparation phase.

You get points for completing rooms and killing Olm, while you lose points for dying during the raid. Most points are earned during the Olm battle. Ultimately, your points determine your chance of a unique drop.

For every 8,675 points you have at the end of the raid, you get a 1 percent chance at the unique drop table.

That's all Chambers of Xeric really has to offer. As long as you meet the requirements, have good equipment, and are willing to learn and make mistakes, you'll be fine!

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (4)CoX Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements for Chambers of Xeric:

  • 75+ Attack
  • 75+ strength
  • 75+ defense
  • 75+Magic
  • 75+ranged combat
  • 70+prayer

With these minimum requirements it is possible to start raiding, but 85+ battle stats are recommended.

You also need a player on your team with 90Herblorewhich can create overload potions.

In addition, you need the necessary equipment to switch between the three combat styles melee, ranged and magic.

TIP: This is fastImprove your fightthrough AFK trainingThe nightmare zone.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (5)Statistics recommended by CoX

Here are the recommended stats for Chambers of Xeric:

  • 85+ Attack
  • 85+ strength
  • 85+ defense
  • 85+ magic
  • 85+ ranged combat
  • 77+ prayer unlocked with Rigor and Augury

You must also have the following stats in your team:

  • Member with 55+ farming
  • Member with 90+ Herblore (making Overload+)

It is possible to do raids with only 78+ Herblore and only perform normal overloads, but your DPS will be much worse.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (6)Equipment setup for CoX

In this section of the CoX guide, I'll go through the full loadout setup, including the minimum loadout requirements, sample loadout setups, and the gear ladder.

Minimal equipment required

The following weapons are considered essential for Chambers of Xeric:

  • tentacle whip
  • Toxic blow gun
  • Swamp trident
OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (7)

Not having access to these weapons makes raids extremely difficult, especially for an apprentice. Without these items, it will also be difficult to find a team to take you if you don't have a party yet.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (8) Iron ManRecommendation:Train i jageruntil you unlock Kraken (87 Slayer,not boostable) & grindingZoelrahuntil you get the blow gun before you get to Chambers of Xeric.

You must also have access to the following equipment:

  • Barrow's gloves
  • jager torso
  • Berserker-ring (i)
  • Amulet of anger
  • Hallo amulet
  • Occult necklace
  • fire cloak
  • Mantle of the drenched God
  • Dragon Defender
  • Bandos god sword
OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (9)

Many of these items are not tradable, so you may need to grind something if you don't already have them. However, the items on this list are quite important to the game, so you should have them even if you don't want to raid.

It is possible to skip Barrows Gauntlets/Fighter Torso and come as an apprentice with a Void setup, but overallempty (even elite empty)is not recommended.

Best-in-slot gear for CoX

For CoX, we place a high value on melee gear and are also bringing ranged and magic switches. Each slot in this section is sorted in order, starting with the Best in Slot option.

See below for example gear configurations.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (10)Helm-slot


  • Torva-Vollhelm
  • Great helm of the Inquisitors
  • Neitiznot face protection
  • Serpentinehelm
  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Void Mêlee


  • Masori-masker
  • Armadyl-Helm
  • No control switch


  • Ahnenhut
  • No control switch

The Helm slot gives priority to melee combat. You can take ranged/magic switches such as an ancestral hat and masori/armadyl helmet once you have the money and skills.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (11)Hood Lock

Everyone should bring a cloak lock switch for every fighting style.

Melee Switch:

  • Health Kaap
  • fire cloak
  • Ardy-mantle 4
  • Myth cloak

remote switch:

  • Avas editor
  • Avas-accumulator

Magic Switch:

  • Mantle of the drenched God
  • God Cape (although you really need to upgrade)

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (12)amulet slot

Melee Switch:

  • Amulet of torture
  • Amulet of anger

remote switch:

  • Chain of torment
  • Amulet of anger

Magic Switch:

  • Occult necklace
  • Amulet of anger

The Amulet of Wrath is a good choice for learners as it offers attack bonuses for all attack styles and good defense bonuses. Even if you perform a Fury, consider buying an Occult Necklace for +10% Magic Damage, as it only costs around 550,000.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (13)ammo slot

The ammo slot is reserved for your ranged setup unless you don't bring a crossbow/twisted bow.

  • dragon arrows
  • Rubindrachenbolzen (e)
  • Rubinbolzen (e)
  • Radas Segen 4
  • God's blessing

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (14)gun slot


  • Scythe by Wise
  • Dragon Hunter Lance
  • Osmuntens Fangzahn
  • Ghrazi-Rapier
  • Abyssal Tentakel

remote switch:

  • Twisted bow
  • Dragon hunter crossbow
  • Zaryte crossbow
  • Armadyl Armbrust
  • Toxic blow gun

Magic Switch:

  • Tumekens' Treasures
  • Sanguinesti staff
  • Swamp trident

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (15)body gap


  • Torva plate body
  • Gorgets Van Inquisitors
  • Bandos-Brustpanzer
  • jager torso
  • Elite Void Top

remote switch:

  • body measurements
  • Armadyl Brustplatte
  • blessed body
  • Elite Void Top

Magic Switch:

  • Upper part of the ancestral robe
  • Upper part of the Ahrim robe
  • Elite Void Top

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (16)Schildschlitz


  • Avernic-Verteidiger
  • Dragon Defender

remote switch:

  • twisted buckle
  • dragonfire protection

Magic Switch:

  • Dodenboek (Thralls)
  • Tome of fire
  • Bezirk van Elidinis (F)
  • Arcane Spirit-schild

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (17)leg split


  • Torva platelets
  • Platelets from the Inquisitors
  • Belt bags from Bandos
  • Blessed boys
  • Elite Void Robe

remote switch:

  • size chaps
  • Armadyl-Kettenrock
  • Blessed boys
  • Elite Void Robe

Magic Switch:

  • Down in ancestral robes
  • Ahrim's robe
  • Elite Void Robe

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (18)glove slot

  • Savage Gloves (Melee only)
  • Barrow's gloves(Melee/Distance/Magic)
  • Tormented bracelet

A tortured Magic bracelet change is 100% recommended if you have the money.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (19)Stiefel-Slot

  • about boots
  • dragon boots

If you can afford it, bring a Pegasian Boots remote switch. Otherwise, just stick with your Primordials for all combat styles.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (20)Ringschlitz

  • light carrier
  • Berserker-ring (i)
  • Schwefelring

With the advent of Tombs of Amascut, Lightbearer has become the B-I-S Ringlock. While it doesn't offer any attack bonuses, it doubles the rate at which your special attack charges, meaning you can use two special attacks instead of just one at the start of each Olm phase.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (21)special assault weapon

  • dragon war hammer
  • Bandos god sword

Equipment examples

Setting up minimum/budget equipment

Here is the minimum equipment for CoX:

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (22)
  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • fire cloak
  • Amulet of anger
  • Rubindrachenbolzen (e)
  • tentacle whip
  • jager torso
  • Dragon Defender
  • Blessed boys
  • Barrow's gloves
  • dragon boots
  • Berserkering (me)

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (23)Ironman Notes:

  • Exchange Ahrims for Mystics if you haven't completed yours yetwheelbarrowGrind.
  • Trade Blessed D'hide for Black D'hide if you haven't had any luck with the clues
  • Swap the dragon crossbow for the runic crossbow with ruby ​​bolts (e)

Since this is the minimum equipment, any downgrades from here are considered unacceptable if you're hoping to find a team.

Center gear setup

The following items are considered significant upgrades to the minimum equipment:

  • Austerity (31M) / Omen Prayer (3M)
  • Serpentinenhelm (2,5 m)
  • Light bearer (3.5 million)
  • Chain of Torment (14M)
  • Drachenjägerlanze (42M)
  • Twisted Buckler (14M)
  • Tormented Bracelet (10M)
OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (24)

Once you have the above upgrades, you can upgrade the following to complete your middle gear:

  • Dragon Hunter's crossbow
  • Sanguinesti staff
  • dragon war hammer
  • Drachenspitzhacke

max. Gang setup

Here is an example of a maximum gear setup at CoX.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (25)

This setup includes the use of the best-in-slot melee/range/magic weapons: Scythe, Twisted Bow, Shadow of Tumeken, as well as the best-in-slot gear: Full Torva/Full Masori (f) and Ancestral Robes.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (26)Setting up the CoX inventory

In your inventory you should have:

  • Magic spells: Occult, Mystic/Ahrims, Trident, Cloak of the Imbued God
  • Externe schakelaars: Accumulator/Assembler, Blowgun, Dragon Crossbow, Blessed D'Hide-Top/Black D'Hide-Top
  • 1 Seeteufel
  • 1 super fight
  • 1 distance drink
  • 1 endurance drink
  • Saradomin brews
  • Great restores
  • Room-specific items (depending on raid layout)

Here's an inventory example:

Here are the room-specific items you should bring:

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (27)

  • Dragon Sword (for VASA)
  • Pickaxe (for Guardian)
  • Dietrich (for thieves room)
  • Rune Bag of Ice Barrage (Muttadiles)
  • Ointment Amulet (egg) (for mystics)

How to start a CoX raid

To start a raid, you must be the leader of a chat channel (yellow smileys). Other players can join your chat by typing your name.

Once your team has joined your chat, you must all enter Xeric's rooms. As team leader, only you can start the raid. Once the raid has started, no one can join.

Be sure to give one of your teammates the rank of General so that if you disconnect, the raid won't be broken.

Note: Players do not need to be in your chat channel while exploring, but they must be in your chat channel and rooms when you start the heist.


OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (28)

Since Chambers of Xeric is a randomly generated raid, you always get a different raid layout. Sometimes you get rooms you wouldn't otherwise get, and sometimes you get rooms you don't want because you don't have the equipment or stats/skills.

To ensure that you always have a raid that your team can perform (learning as you go) and that is also efficient in terms of points per hour (once you get the hang of it),We use a strategy known as scouting.

It's very simple: after collecting a team, you go to the rooms of Until you find a room layout that suits your preferences.

Scouting is even easier with theRunelite-plug-in"Chambers of Xeric" because an overlay shows which rooms are in your raid. This plugin is installed by default on Runelite. Just check if it is enabled. You can also mark rooms you don't want.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (29)

Sometimes rooms are marked as "unknown", meaning they are a surprise. Unfamiliar puzzle rooms are fine, but as a learner you should avoid unfamiliar battle rooms.

How to explore raids

To start scouting, just join the raid after building your team. Your Runelite plugin uses an overlay to show which rooms are in the raid. If you don't like the raid, quit and try again.

Ideally, each member of your team should form their own team and do their own research so that you can find your preferred room layout as quickly as possible.

Ideales CoX-Raid-Layout

The raid layout you are looking for is a 5 room raid, 3 battle rooms and 2 puzzle rooms. This is the minimum number of rooms you can get and allows you to complete them quickly.

Best Puzzle Rooms:

  • Rope
  • To scratch

Both tightrope walkers and crabs are very fast, so these are the favorite puzzle rooms. Ice Demon and Thieving are okay but need more time.

Beste Battle Rooms:

The following battle rooms are super easy:

  • mystic
  • Guardian
  • shamans
  • Eat them

As a learner, we recommend finding raids that contain only the battle rooms above in combination with any two puzzle rooms.

Below is an example of the best type of explorer you can get.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (30)

Once you get the hang of it, you can start learning Tekton and Vasa. And once you master these two, you can try learning Vespula and Vanguards.

But for now, add Tekton, Vasa, Vespula, and Vanguards to your blacklist in the Runelite plugin.

Rooms of the Xeric puzzle rooms

cord room

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (31)

In this room, the person with the highest level of dexterity must cross the rope and grab the keystone. However, before you cross, you must kill the 2 Mager and 2 Rangers standing on either side of the tightrope.

Both the Magers and Rangers are safe to spot, helping you avoid major damage.

The mages should be killed first because they have the least amount of defense.

balancing act strategy

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (32)
  • Don't cross the rope until all enemies are killed
  • Attack Mage (Simple):
    • remote equipment
    • Sip varying pot
    • Prayer:Protect from magic and hardness/eagle eye
  • Then attack the Rangers (one by one):
    • Magic equipment
    • prayers:Protect from ranged combat and fortune telling
  • One person crosses the tightrope when only one ranger is left. Use Keystone Crystal on the door.

Crab room

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (33)

This is the only puzzle room that really requires you to use your brain as you would expect from a puzzle room. This room is a little tedious to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be traversing it in no time.

There are 4 colored crystals in this room that need to be turned white. There is also a carved sculpture that spits out a bullet that passes through the room. Your job is to use the crabs to bounce the balls on the crystals and make them white.

Some important notes:

  • Don't run into the bullet, it hits hard!
  • Use contact protection to prevent damage
  • Use crabs to make the ball bounce and change color
  • The jump is always clockwise
  • Crabs only keep their color for 5 seconds. So hit them just before the bullet bounces off
  • Crabs can be stunned with a hammer for 20-30 seconds. This will temporarily turn them RED
  • You only need 3 crabs to complete the room (one for each fighting style).

Here's a table of each crystal color and its attack style:

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (34)

crystal colorball colorfighting style
Black crystalwhite ballNone (default color)
Yellow crystalblue ballmagician
Blue crystalred ballfight
purple crystalGreen ballranged combat

If you don't have a hammer to smash crabs, one will appear at the entrance to the puzzle room.

video guide

Here's a short video guide to help you get acquainted with this room.

Ice demon room

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (35)

Ice Demon is a simple puzzle room with a boss that must be defeated to access the next room. However, the Ice Demon cannot be damaged as it is protected by the cold. To get around this, we need to warm up the room, which will probably turn it into a puzzle room.

To heat up the room you need to chop the seedlings and throw the kindling into the 4 braziers in the room.


  • The room has its own storage room. Use this to store your inventory. Use the ALL PULL BACK option when changing gears again.
  • The blue/green bar above the Ice Demon indicates how much the Ice Demon has thawed
  • Always pray for missiles in battle to force him into a snowball attack
  • When attacking, run in a 3x3 square to avoid damage from a snowball attack
  • The further you are from the Ice Demon, the more time you have to dodge the snowball attack. That's why we use a crossbow instead of a blowgun in Ice Demon

Ice Demon strategy

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (36)
  • Bank inventory in private storage and pickup axe/tinder box
  • Chop the seedlings until you have a full supply of kindling
  • Throw the kindling into the braziers and light them at the same time
  • Shift-drop ax/tinderbox and get the most out of private storage
  • Equip ranged gear (crossbow) and drink a ranged potion
  • Prayers: reach/seriousness
  • Attack ice demon. Dodge snowball attacks by continuously moving 2 spaces.


  • Players with DWH specify "Ice Demon" before switching to ranged gear

thief room

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (37)

The thief's room is a room full of chests and a corrupt scavenger blocking our way. To clear this room, open the chests and feed the Corrupted Scavenger into the cavern pit into the chests. Once you're asleep, you're done with the room.

In team encounters, players must start feeding the scavenger once they have collected half of their cave pit inventory. Once fed, collect more food to feed the scavenger until it falls asleep.

For Solo CoX, you need 30 Grub to put him to sleep. Teams require an arbitrarily larger amount.

Some important notes:

  • Bringing a lock pick speeds up this room
  • You can reopen chests to get more food
  • 3 chests contain poison, do not open them again
  • A random chest contains Psykk Bats, which give you extra points
  • If the scavenger doesn't eat for a full minute, it begins to heal

theft room strategy

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (38)
  • Store your inventory in private storage
  • Steal half the supply of maggots from the chest and eat the scavenger
  • Then keep looting chests and feeding the scavenger until the room is full

Chambers of the Xeric battle chambers

Room of the Skeleton Mystics

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (39)

Mystics Room is quite simple. The room contains 3 or more Skeleton Mystics that must be killed one by one. Since they are undead, the Salve amulet (egg) is best suited here.

Focus on one mystic at a time, pray to the mage and kill them with ranged attacks.

Strategy of the Skeleton Mystics

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (40)
  • Equip Ranged Gear + Crossbow + Ointment Amulet (Egg)
  • Sip your cooking pot
  • Prayers: Protect from magic and austerity
  • Kill Mystics one by one


OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (41)

The waiting room is a room with two statues blocking the way. These can only be damaged with a pickaxe. Crystal/Dragon Pickaxe is best, but a Runic Pickaxe is also good for Ironmen.

The Guardians attack with melee attacks and also a missile attack. You can avoid damage by running away 2 squares as soon as you hit the guards (a strategy known as "twitch").


OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (42)
  • Equip dragon or runic pickaxe and melee gear
  • MAKE SURE your attack style is set to SMASH
  • Drink Stamina Pot and Super Combat
  • Prayer: piety
  • Make the guards flinch by running 2 squares when you hit them

Lizardmen Shaman Room

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (43)

This room contains two or more shamans, depending on the size of your raid. These Lizardmen Shaman are identical to the ones you can farm to get the Dragon Warhammer. So if you've killed them before, you already know the strategy.

Protect yourself from missiles and use ranged combat to attack them. Keep moving to avoid the poison spike.

Important Notes:

  • Poison Spit can deal up to 40 damage
  • To avoid poison spatter, move 3 spaces away as soon as you see the green ball coming your way
  • Use a crossbow or twisted bow/bofa, NOT a blowgun
  • Sanfew Serum is needed if you don't have a Serp helmet

Lizardmen strategy

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (44)


  • Me too:Ranged gear + crossbow
  • drinks:Drink Vary Pot & Sanfew Serum
  • Prayer:Protect against missiles + gravity


  • Stick to the walls when attacking shamans and AVOID the center of the room
  • Run away three spaces when you see the Venom Spit attack
  • Avoid purple minions

Muttadiles room

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (45)

The Muttadile Room contains a baby and mother Muttadile (mother hiding in the water) and a fibroid.

Once the baby is killed, the mother emerges from the water.

Muttadiles can cure the fibroid. You can prevent the mutadil from healing by chopping down the fibroid or freezing it with the Zamorak godsword or the ice barrage.

Cutting down the fibroid is a solid strategy, as you can free up that space without worrying about healing the Muttadiles after you miss a freeze (which happens). Since no ax appears, this strategy requires an ax in your inventory.


  • Once the muttadile baby dies, run to the corner to avoid a melee attack from the mother who can hit you with one hit
  • If you want to use this strategy, chop down the fibroid BEFORE the mother spawns
  • Use Protect From Missiles in space
  • Use Protect from Melee when the baby is within melee range
  • The great muttadile can be seen safely in some room layouts

Muttadiles freeze strategy

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (46)


  • Me too:Distance gear + blow pipe
  • drinks:Sipping Sie an Ranging Pot
  • Prayer:Protect against missiles + gravity


  • Attack the muttadile baby first
  • Ice Barrage, if the Baby Muttadile has 40% HP, kill it
  • Freezes Great Muttadil when it reaches 50% HP (ZGS defeats Ice Barrage)
  • Avoid melee ranges or you'll get hit with one punch

Muttadiles Hack Strategy (Alternative)

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (47)
  • This strategy requires the insertion of an ax (bring a cheap one, you'll drop it)
  • Must be HIGHwood cuttingLevel (70+)
  • Equip ranged defense + trident and occult necklace
  • Use Protect from Missiles/switch to melee when the baby comes into melee range
  • Hit the Baby Muttadile after each Lumberjack Exp drop. (Stop hitting once they reach 50% health.)
  • Once the fibroid is gone, finish the baby muttadile
  • Then lure the large Muttadil to a safe location or kill it without coming into contact range

Safe places

Some room layouts provide safe places for the Big Muttadile, as they are quite large. Here is an example of such a Safespot.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (48)

Vasa Nistirio-Zimmer

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (49)

The Vasa room consists of Vasa Nistirio and 4 crystals. This half-boss requires the use of two combat styles: ranged and melee. The first requires a STAB weapon. You use ranged to kill the boss and use melee switch with STAB weapon to damage the crystals in the room.


  • Use a STAB weapon to damage the crystal and make sure your combat style is also on STAB. Budget setups include Abyssal Dagger or Dragon Sword.
  • Go to the nearest crystal while attacking Vasa
  • Never put yourself under Vasa


OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (50)

Tekton is a high-defense melee half-boss that only attacks in the direction it is facing. This will allow you to circle him to avoid the most damage.

Tekton has two phases, indicated by its aura:

  • Orange Aura: Fewer hits and less defense
  • Red Aura: higher hit and defense

Special attacks must always be used during Orange Aura to avoid splashes.

When Tekton first enters the room, he will work on his anvil. Someone needs to go in and lure Tekton as far away from this anvil as possible.

The main strategy for defeating Tekton is to synchronize with your teammates and move counterclockwise between hits. This method has one flaw: after 10 or more attacks, Tekton returns to its anvil if it sees no one.

When he returns to the anvil, be careful not to get caught under him or you'll take a lot of damage. Once back on the anvil, he begins to heal himself and missiles fly across the room. These missiles can be dodged by continuously moving two tokens away. At this stage, all players should be scattered.

Since Tekton has a high defense, you should start with the specs of Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword. If your team doesn't have it available for some reason, you should definitely consider leaving out Tekton.


  • Use Protect from Melee.
  • 1 person has to lure Tekton as far as possible from the anvil
  • Synchronize with your teammates and move counterclockwise around Tekton
  • Continuously move 2 tokens when Tekton is on the anvil
  • Never go under Tekton

Here is one strategy to defeat Tekton.


OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (51)

There are three vanguards in this room: a melee vanguard, a ranged vanguard, and a magical vanguard. This Vanguard has a healing mechanism that activates when one of them has 33.3% less health than the other two. When this happens, ALL Vanguards heal to full HP.

That's why it's important that all Vanguards have about the same HP. This means that your team should split up and attack individual Vanguards with an attack style they are weak against (table below).

Melee VanguardSPOILED MAGIC (z. B. Trident of the Swamp)
Magic vanguardREMOTE USE (e.g. blow gun)
Magic vanguardUSE CLOSE-UP WEAPONS (e.g. tentacle whip)

Teams of more than 3 players can appoint an Overseer whose sole job is to distribute damage between Vanguards.


  • Avoid as an apprentice vanguard
  • Use the right attack style

Here's a guide on how to clear the Vanguards room with ease.

Vespula room

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (52)

This room contains Vespula, 4 Lux Pits and an Abyssal Portal. The goal is to destroy the abyss portal. The most common strategy for this room is the redemption strategy, which focuses on damaging the abyss portal while running in and out with prayers of salvation. This strategy takes practice and requires a minimum of 90 hit points.

The Vespula room should be avoided by all students until they have mastered all the other rooms.


  • As an apprentice, avoid Vespula raids
  • Sanfew Potion or Serp Helm is a must to avoid poison
  • The redemption method is the best, but requires 90 hit points

Below is a quick guide on how to perform the Redemption Method, which is the best strategy for defeating the Vespula Chamber.

Preparation for Olm

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (53)

Stage of making potions

Before we face the Big Olm, we need to make some potions.

Here's a table of each drink and its ingredients:

Revitalization Potion (Super Restore)LochStinkmorchelpilz
Xerics Hilfe (Brew of Saradomin)LochEndmarked sap
prayer strengtheningLochCicely
Elder Potion (Super Battle)GolparStinkhorn
Kodai potion (magic)GolparEndmarked sap
Twisted Potion (accessible)GolparCicely
overloadLochElder Potion, Kodai Potion, Twisted Potion + Noxifer

Subweapons (Stinkhorn, Endarkened Juice, and Cicely) can be obtained by fighting Scavengers that should spawn somewhere in your attack.

If you are unlucky and need seeds, rake the farm field for seeds.

During setup, you (or the Herbalist on your team) craft 1 ÜberCharge and 1 Prayer Boost for each player, as well as enough Xeric's Aid and Revitalization potions to fill the rest of your inventory, + 1 extra Xeric's Aid/Revitilization to pre - pot.


Before we go to Olm's room, let's get the pot ready. This means that we take a sip of our Overload and drink 3 doses of Xeric's Aid and 1 dose of Revitalization.

The strategy for doing this is to drop 1 Xeric's Aid and 1 Revitalization on the floor before replenishing your inventory. Then you sip your surplus, brew, sip your restore and drop your used brew/restore for a fresh one off the floor.

Once that's done, equip your BGS/DWH and enter Olm's room.

The Great Olm (boss)

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (54)

The Great Olm is the last boss you fight in Chambers of Xeric. This boss has four different stages, two different standard attacks, and a number of special attacks that you can learn.

This may seem daunting at first, but it really isn't too bad if you take the time to study the stages and learn the special attacks before you start your first learning attack.

If you go into your first raid prepared, I guarantee you'll beat Olm in just a few tries. Everyone dies during the first few Olm battles, so don't get discouraged if you die. It happens.

Write down your mistakes and make sure you always know why you died when you did. To master Olm, it is important to know why you died. If you don't know why you died, then...

If you don't know why you died, there are mechanisms that don't make sense to you. So you have to control them. I suggest you return to this article to study the special attacks and phases and try again. Don't just jump into another heist and keep making the same mistakes. learn from them.

If you really can't figure out why you keep dying, ask your team for tips or write yourself down and write down your mistakes.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (55)Here's oneOlm strategy guide OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (56)

Overview of all phases

At the start of the battle (Stage 1), Olm will spawn on a random side of the room. Olm consists of 3 parts: his right claw, his head and his left claw. During the first three phases, you only target Olm's claws and only in the last phase (also called the head phase) do you attack the head.

His right hand (which is your left hand by the way) is weak to magic and his left hand (your right hand) is weak to melee.

Phases 1 and 2 are basically the same: one person targets the mage hand, one person targets the melee hand, and the remaining players (known as runners) attack both hands while running in front of Olm's head.

Between each stage, AoE crystals fall from the ceiling. These can be avoided by moving when a shadow is cast under your character. Note, however, that it is AoE and covers a 3×3 area.

Stage 3 is similar to stage 1-2, with the only difference being that both hands must go down at the same time (you have about 10 seconds) or they will heal each other. You know you are in this stage when his head starts to glow.

During the final phase, also known as the header phase, AoE crystals continuously fall from the ceiling. At this point, use ranged combat to finish off Olm. Once you're defeated, you're set and ready to claim your first raid reward! cf.

Olm mechanic

One of the first mechanics to know about Olm is that he constantly turns his head to look for players to attack. If you are not in his line of sight, you will not be attacked.

For this reason, we use runners in the fight against Olm. Runners force Olm to constantly move his head. If done correctly, runners will not take damage from Olm and the two players camping with the melee/magic hand will only be attacked if Olm faces their way.

Olms attack sequence

Olm has a fixed attack order. It goes like this:

  • base attack
  • Empty event
  • base attack
  • Crystals
  • base attack
  • relief
  • base attack
  • Empty event
  • base attack
  • Portal
  • To repeat

Basic attacks consist of his basic ranged and magic attacks, but can also be replaced with phase-specific attacks.

During the head phase, Olm does not use any of his special attacks, but AoE crystals fall from the ceiling and he continues to use all of his basic attacks (all phase-specific attacks + the standard ranged/magic attack).

Note: Olm attacks with a 4-tap cycle, just like a whip or dragon hunter's lance.

Olms attack

Automatic attacks

Olm has two automatic attacks: magic and distance. These are easy to spot. If you see a green flame then pray magically, if you see a green dot then pray ranged.

OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (57)

prayer balls

Occasionally, Olm may shoot orbs (aka prayer balls) in your direction. In this case, your prayer will be disabled. You must respond to this by activating the right prayer to avoid taking great damage.

  • Purple Prayer Orb: Protect from magic
  • Red Prayer Orb: Protect against melee
  • Green prayer ball: protect against missiles
OSRS CoX Guide | Complete Guide to Xeric Vaults (58)

Falling crystals

Crystals fall from the sky between each stage. These crystals have AoE and can deal damage with a range of 3×3. You can tell where crystals fall by the shadow they cast on the ground. The key is to keep moving until Olm shows up.

Falling Crystals also appear in the final phase of the Olm Battle, otherwise known as the Main Phase.

Phase specific attacks

Phase-specific attacks replace a basic attack in the attack cycle. These are not to be confused with special attacks.

zure sprayOlm covers the room with acid.Avoid it or you will take damage per tick and get poisoned
acid traceOlm covers a player with poisonTurn off "run" and walk around the room until the path runs out (stay away from your teammates!)
firewallOlm traps a player in a wall of firePut out the fire (or ask a teammate who brought water/ice spells)
Burn with meOlm shoots a green fireball at you, which deals damage and lowers your statsAVOID TEAMMATES as it spreads to them too
Falling crystalsOlm targets a player with falling crystals indicated by a red auraGet out to avoid damage
The crystal bombOlm shoots crystal bombs around the roomMake sure you have removed 4 tiles to avoid damage

special attacks

CrystalsA crystal grows beneath youMove one tile forward
PortalA time portal glows around youGather at Melee Thumb
reliefOlm casts trails of light across the room that disable your prayerAvoid them. If you get hit, turn your prayer back on.
healingMelee hand has an infinity symbolAttack melee hand to avoid healing

CoX Rewards

At the end of the raid, players can loot the Ancient Chest. The chest emits a white light by default, which changes to purple when you hit a unique drop.

Don't leave the heist until you've looted the chest or you'll lose its contents!

According to theWikiget a 1% chance of a unique reward for every 8,675 points you get during Chambers of Xeric.

So if your team averages 60,000 points per raid, you have a combined chance of a unique drop of 7%.

Or if you average 20,000 points per raid, you have a 2.3% chance of a unique drop.

Here are some of CoX's unique rewards and their drop rate.

Unique dropsspeed of fallprice
Arcane prayer scroll1/3,453M
Skilled prayer roll1/3,4532m
twisted buckle1/17.2514M
Dragon hunter crossbow1/17.2569M
Dinh's stronghold1/2313m
dragon claws1/2391M
Upper part of the ancestral robe1/23169M
Ancestral robe pants1/23138M
Elder Maul1/34,510M
Kodai Insignia (used to create the Kodai Wand)1/34,574M
Twisted bow1/34,51.4B

How to find robbery partners

The easiest way to find a team for raids is to join the WeDoRaids Discord channel.

These guys have done a fantastic job building a robbery community within OSRS. Here you can not only find teams, but also participate in learning raids, ask questions and get a lot of valuable advice.

Here's an invitation to do thatWeDoRaids Discord.

How to learn coX

If you're a student and don't have friends to raid, join WeDoRaid's Discord. They constantly conduct raids on students.

If you have a group of friends you want to start the raid with, here's a checklist:

  • Scout 3 Combat 2 Puzzle Rooms (Read section)
  • Avoid: Tekton, Vespula, Vanguards, Vasa
  • Check your inventory again before you start the heist!!
    • Dietrich: Dievenkamer
    • Houweel: Guardian
    • Muttadiles: From runebarrier
    • Mystic: Hail (nee)
  • A person must have Water Spells/Ice Spells to cast fire on Olm
  • Import tiles for olm (tiles included inOlm-Strategiehandbuch)
  • Assign roles for the olm stage (check out ourOlm-Strategiehandbuch)
  • Optional: Suicide for Olm with full inventory of brews/restorations to make combat easier. These keep you grounded and allow you to make more mistakes

Accept that you will die many times. Don't worry about points in the beginning, don't worry about being efficient or rushing the attack, just focus on beating every room and beating Olm.

More raid guides

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