How to get from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa? (2023)

Catch the ferry at Central Shroud X14-Y12.

How to get from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa?

If you want to go from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa by train, you are in luck! This guide will show you how to complete the journey with as little stress and confusion as possible. With the right preparation and knowledge, this trip will be a breeze.

The starting point for this guide is Gridania, one of the major companies in the Aldenard region of Final Fantasy XIV. From Gridania, head southeast to the village of Aurum Vale. Then turn left at Fallgourd Float and head east to Raincatcher Gully. This will take you to Bentbranch Meadows where you can take an airship to fly over The Skyscape and fly directly into the port of Limsa Lominsa.

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The seasons

If you prefer to cross the continent of Eorzea by land, first travel south of Gridania to the village of Nym. Follow the track south east to Metlarbold where it branches off to Tam Tara Deepcroft. Turn right into Coerthas Central Highlands and continue through Dzemael Darkhold to the Whitebrim Front. From there, head north until you finally reach Mor Dhona, where a ferry takes passengers directly across the waters of La Noscea to the Limsa Lominsa waterfront.

Whichever route you choose, getting from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa has never been easier! With a little preparation and knowledge, tourists can make the trip with confidence!

Travel from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa

There are two ways to travel from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa: by plane or by boat. Flights is the most popular way to get to Limsa Lominsa and takes about an hour. It is also the most convenient option. Alternatively you can take a boat from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa. This drive takes about five hours and is a great way to enjoy the scenery along the way.

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Overnight in town

Limsa Lominsa offers numerous accommodation options for visitors. There is a range of hotels dotted around the city, ranging from budget accommodation to luxury accommodation. If you are looking for something a little more unique, serviced apartments in Limsa Lominsa are also available. These offer a cozy atmosphere and are often ideal for long-term stays or for those who want more privacy during their stay.

Explore the city

Limsa Lominsa offers plenty of attractions and activities to keep visitors busy during their stay. There are several shops and restaurants in town where you can discover the local cuisine or buy souvenirs. In addition, there are several attractions in the city, such as the famous Windmill Tower, which offers a beautiful view of the area, as well as attractions such as museums and galleries that offer interesting insights into the local culture and history.

Getting around in Limsa Lominsa

Getting around in Limsa Lominsa is easy thanks to the reliable public transport system. Buses run regularly throughout the day and cover most parts of the city, while taxis are easily hailed on most streets in Limsa Lominsa for those who prefer a door-to-door service. If you want more freedom during your stay, rental cars are also available. Alternatively, drivers are available to ensure you get around safely without worrying about navigation or parking charges!

How to reach Limsa Lominsa from Gridania by plane

When traveling by air from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa, you must meet certain domestic flight requirements in advance, including presenting a valid photo ID at check-in, pre-filling all required documents and complying with all applicable baggage allowances established by the airline of your choice. Once travelers arrive at the airport, they must go through security before boarding their flight - so make sure you arrive on time! After checking in your luggage (if applicable), all you have to do is wait for your flight before you can start your journey!

How to get from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa?

Traveling from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa is an easy and convenient process. There are two main modes of transportation available to get here: boat or plane. Each mode has its own pros and cons. That's why it's important to consider your individual needs before deciding which option is best for you. Here's how to get to Limsa Lominsa from Gridania by boat. We also provide an overview of hotels and guesthouses in the city, explore the main attractions and explore the city comfortably by public transport or a rental car.

How to reach Lominsa from Gridania by boat

Arriving by boat is the most popular way to get from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa. There are several ferry services available with different schedules and fares depending on the route chosen. It is important to check local boating laws before planning your trip, as there may be regulations that may affect your travel plans.

When researching ferry services, it is important to consider not only fares, but also any additional costs such as port charges and fuel surcharges. It's also a good idea to check onboard amenities such as food and drink availability, as they may vary depending on the service.

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Overview of hotels and guest houses in Limsa Lominsa

Limsa Lominsa has a wide range of accommodation options for visitors looking for comfortable and practical accommodation during their visit. Hotels in the city range from budget guesthouses to luxury suites and premium rooms with all the modern amenities you would expect from a first-class hotel.

When booking accommodation in Limsa Lominsa, it is important to pay attention to facilities such as free Wi-Fi, on-site restaurants and bars, swimming pools or spas, laundry service and 24-hour reception. All these details can help make your stay more enjoyable.

Exploring the top attractions of the city of Limsa Lominsa

The town of Limsa Lominsa is home to a wealth of attractions for visitors looking for something different to do during their stay. Music halls, art galleries, museums, whatever entertainment you're looking for, you'll find it here! Eating out at restaurants is another great way to learn about the local culture. There are many restaurants offering delicious food ranging from traditional dishes to international favourites. For those who like to hit the town at night, there are plenty of bars, clubs and pubs where you can have a drink with friends or dance the night away! Shopping in the local neighborhoods is also a great way to pick up souvenirs or gifts while exploring this vibrant city.

In Limsa Lominsa you can easily move around by public transport or by renting a car

Getting around in Limsa Lominsa is easy thanks to an extensive public transport network consisting of buses, taxis and other modes of transport such as trams or monorail systems. For those who prefer more freedom in getting around the city, renting a car or hiring a driver may be a more suitable option. This gives you more flexibility to explore at your own pace rather than relying on public transport schedules, which may not always be convenient for sightseeing!

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: What is the fastest way to get from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa?
A: The fastest way to get from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa is via Aethernet. It is a fast travel system that takes you directly from one city to another in minutes.

Q: Is there any way to get there other than using Aethernet?
A: Yes, you can also take an airship from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa. The airship ride takes about an hour and is slightly more expensive than using Aethernet, but offers a nicer route.

Q: Are there other transportation options?
A: You can also take a ferry from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa, which takes about two hours. There are also chocobo rental services that can take you from one city to another, but they are usually quite expensive and the journey takes about four hours.

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Q: How much does an Ethernet ride cost?
A: The cost of traveling with Aethernet varies depending on the destination you choose. In general, the trip between Gridania and Limsa Lominsa costs about 1000 gil per person.

Q: What is the best time of day to travel between Gridania and Limsa Lominsa?
A: The best time of day to travel between Gridania and Limsa Lominsa is early morning or late evening when fewer people are using Aethernet. This way you avoid long queues at peak times and you also save money!

The fastest way from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa is by airship. Airships depart from both cities, the journey takes about an hour. Alternatively, you can also take a boat from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa, which usually takes between two and three hours. Whichever option you choose, it's important to plan ahead and book your tickets in advance to ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey.


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How to get from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa? ›

To get from Gridania to Lominsa you will need an Airship Pass. The ferries will not take you until after you have reached this point in the story line. The quest that gives you the airship pass is a level 15 quest(not your character level the quest level) called 'The Gridanian Envoy'.

How do you get to Limsa Lominsa? ›

Just continue on your main story quests and you'll be there soon enough. The MSQ that leads you to the other cities is at level 15. You just need to progress them. The quest "The Gridanian Envoy" will lead you to Ul'dah and after that, the quest "Call of the Sea (Gridania)" will lead you to Limsa Lominsa.

Can you fly from limsa to Gridania? ›

You can't. The Ferry is down. So you cannot reach the island. You can only go from Ul'dah to Grandia and vice versa.

Where is the airship landing in Gridania? ›

You can access the airship landing from Hustings Strip in the Steps of Thal or the Ruby Road Exchange in the Steps of Nald. Once you're there, speak with Elyenora at X10-Y11 and proceed to the landing area. Once you're inside, interact with the Gangplank and board the airship.

How do I get an airship pass? ›

Airship Pass allows you access to quick travel to the other 2 City-States. To unlock this, you must complete the level 14 Adventurer's Guild Quest. This essentially allows you to Attune to the new City-State Stones and gain Teleports to these areas.

Why is Limsa so popular? ›

The sole reason why Limsa Lominsa is extremely congested and popular is due to one simple reason: the Market Board and Summoning Bell is adjacent to the city's main Aetheryte.

How to go to limsa housing? ›

Mist is the housing area in Limsa Lominsa. Its entrance is located at Red Rooster Stead (x33,y19) in Cedarwood of Lower La Noscea. Players can also access the area by taking the Lominsan Ferry Docks near the Fishermen's Guild in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x7,y15).


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