How to create the Hot Wheels logo (2023)

Learn how to create the famous Hot Wheels logo in Illustrator with the following steps. It is ready in no time and at the end you can use it asPNG file with the Hot Wheels logo. The techniques learned here will help you create other flame or racing logos in future projects. Be creative!

If you don't have time to learn how to draw a Hot WheelsLogo, you can always tryElement Envato, where you will find a wide range of ready-to-use logos, fonts and graphics.

Before we begin, we will briefly learn more about this famous logo.

History of the Hot Wheels logo

Hot Wheels is a toy brand owned by the international company Mattel, which was founded in 1968. The brand is known for its limited edition collectible model cars and toy cars. Curious about the history of the Hot Wheels logo? Let's talk about it for a moment!

The first Hot Wheels logo was designed by Otto Kuhni, who was working as a packaging designer for Mattel.Over the years the logo has been refined and modernized several times, but nothing major. The overall style of this colorful and energetic Hot Wheels emblem remained unchanged, with most people not even noticing the subtle changes.A personalized typography was used, with the shape of the letters being asymmetrical and inspired by fire, like the entire logo. At one point it even had a 3D effect, but then it went back to the flat design we all know. Hot Wheels has always been about power, motion, and flame.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (1)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (2)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (3)

what will you learn in ittutorial

  • How to distort font letters
  • How to Create a Flame-Inspired Logo Background
  • How to Use Envelope Distortion in Adobe Illustrator


You will need the following resources to complete this project:

1.How to Open a New Document in Adobe Illustrator

Start Illustrator and go toFile > Newto open thenew documentWindow. From there, enter the name of the document and set the dimensions as shown. keep thatunitsApixeland theFarbmodusARGB. When you're done, presscreate document.

In the image below you can see the other settings I prefer when working in Illustrator. You can access it by going toEdit > Preferences.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (4)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (5)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (6)

2.How to Create the Hot Wheels Logo Font

Paso 1

let's start takingTool type (T)and enter the letterHon your work table. Use theSolitario SunmoriFont, with a size of190 points.

(Video) Hot Wheels® City T-Rex Chomp Down™, playset | AD

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (7)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (8)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (9)

paso 2

You'll have to distort this letter quite a bit to make it look like the original version of the logo, but go to the firstType > Create Outlineswhile the letter remains selected. follow alongObject > Ungroup.

Now that you have the shape of the letter, you can distort it. Start adding the four additional points highlighted in green usingAdd Anchor Point Tool (+). Then delete the points marked in red withRemove Anchor Point Tool (-)(1). You will receive a simplified version of the letter.Hwhich is easier to manipulate (2). Use theDirect Selection Tool (A)to move individual points and stretch the legs of the letter as shown in the image below (3). Finally, make the legs of the letter more curved by adjusting the handles or using theAnchor Point Tool (Shift-C)(4).

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (10)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (11)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (12)

paso 3

The letteroIt is easily obtained in two ways. Use theEllipsenwerkzeug (L)or thePen Tool (P)draw two ellipses98 x 115 pixelsY40x70 pixels. Place the smaller one in the middle of the larger one and press while keeping both shapes selectedless in frontsoyto exploreBoard. you receive the lettero.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (13)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (14)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (15)

stage 4

We continue with the letterT. PackalosPen Tool (P)and draw a path as shown in the image below. set thoseimpact weightA30 pointsy usewidth profile 1soyattackMesa.

Next, draw a shorter, slightly curved path as the arm of the letter.T. enter it36 point strokey usewide profile 4soyattackMesa.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (16)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (17)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (18)

paso 5

While both paths remain selected, go toObject > Expand Appearanceto convert strokes to filled shapes. follow alongbindsoyto explorepanel to merge the two shapes into one. now take theseDirect Selection Tool (A)and use it to distort the bottom part of the letterTand make it chubby.

The first word of the logo.CalienteNow it is ready.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (19)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (20)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (21)

paso 6

the next letter isW. Use theTool type (T)writeWat your work table with himSolitario SunmoriFont, with a size of190 points.

First go toType > Create Outlinesfollowed byObject > Ungroupto get the shape of the letter. To distort the letter, use the tools and methods presented so far. Make the center leg of the letter pointy and then move it down (1). Then use theRemove Anchor Point Tool (-)to remove the points highlighted in red (2); then change toAnchor Point Tool (Shift+C)and use it to make the letter curve. Alternatively, you can move the handles withDirect Selection Tool (A)(3).

(Video) Did Hot Wheels fix the problem?

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (22)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (23)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (24)

paso 7

duplicate the cardH, and the letter continuesmi. write the lettermiat your work table with himTool type (T)Use ofGefuh regularFont, with a size of250 points. GonnaType > Create OutlinesYObject > Ungroupto get the shape of the letter.

This letter only needs minor tweaks to resemble the original Hot Wheels logo font. To do this, use theRemove Anchor Point Tool (-)to remove some of the points at the bottom and then make it pointy. Then you can lengthen the top loop a bit and you're done.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (25)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (26)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (27)

paso 8

the next letter isL. Write it down on his worktable along with the others. Use theSolitario SunmoriFont, with a size of190 points.

To distort it, first remove the points marked in red with the help ofRemove Anchor Point Tool (-)(1). After that, stretch the upper part of the letter by separating these two anchor points with theDirect Selection Tool (A). Removing the anchor points gives you the pointy tip. All you have to do is adjust the curve (2).

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (28)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (29)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (30)

paso 9

the last letter isS. Write it online with others at your desk and use thecautious regularFont with a size of190 points. GonnaType > Create Outlinesto expand it followed byObject > Ungroup.

Create the top by removing the anchor point highlighted in red. Then select only the point marked in green withDirect Selection Tool (A)and move it up to make the font thicker. Finally, vertically align the two tail points; Then, horizontally align the two points at the bottom of the letter.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (31)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (32)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (33)

paso 10

We are done with the logo text and slanting the letters. The result is quite similar to the original flame-inspired font used in the logo.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (34)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (35)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (36)

3.How to create the Hot Wheels flame background

Paso 1

Behind the logo text is a flame-inspired shape that we'll create in the next few steps. pack 'em upPen Tool (P)and draw a wavy path as shown in the image below. enter it130 point lineUse any color and choosewidth profile 1soyattackMesa.

Continue by drawing another curved path at the bottom of the first path. enter it50 point strokey useprofile width 6soyattackBoard. Draw a third path over the first one by applying a40 point strokeYwidth profile 1one more time.

(Video) The Secret of STANCING your Hot Wheels Car

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (37)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (38)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (39)

paso 2

While all three paths remain selected, go toObject > Expand Appearanceto convert strokes to filled shapes. follow alongObject > Ungroupif necessary (1). press nowbindsoyto explorepanel to merge them into a single shape.

To make the three tips more curved, you can use theDirect Selection Tool (A)to move the displayed points and adjust their handles. You can also use thesoft toolto reduce the number of anchor points at the bottom of the shape and improve the curve by dragging the tool along that part of the path (2). You can see the bottom shape of the resulting flame in the image below (3).

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (40)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (41)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (42)

paso 3

take thePen Tool (P)and draw a shape as shown in the image below. Keep this shape selected along with the flame and pressless in frontsoyto exploreBoard. You will get the final shape of the logo background.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (43)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (44)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (45)

stage 4

While keeping the flame shape selected, go to itObject > Path > Offset PathAnd applycompensateVon-15pxto get a smaller shape. Then take theMesserand use it to cut a part on the right and left side of this shape. You can delete them as you don't need them.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (46)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (47)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (48)

paso 5

We are ready to finish this logo now. Take the logo text you created earlier and place it below the smaller flame shape on theThe lawBoard. Keeping the text group and the purple shape selected, go toObject > Warp Envelope > Create with Top Object..

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (49)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (50)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (51)

paso 6

Envelope distortion does not give a perfect result, so some adjustment is needed to get a better result.

First, while the skin layer remains selected, selectExpandof theObjectMenu. Now you can use themDirect Selection Tool (A)customize some of the letters, especiallyH,o,T, YS. To do this, move the anchor points and their handles until they more closely resemble the original logo text.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (52)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (53)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (54)

paso 7

It's time to color this Hot Wheels logo. Fill the text with plain yellow; Next, select the flame shape and fill it with a bright red. Also apply a7 point strokewith white and, in theattackpanel, be sure to choosealign stroke out.

  • Yellow color:R = 255,G=230,b=0
  • Red color:R = 254,G=0,b=0
How to create the Hot Wheels logo (55)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (56)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (57)

Congratulations! you're done

you have successfully learnedhow to draw this famous logo. Put it in a cool logo mockup like this oneembossed logo mockup which I used. You can also call it Hot Wheels Logo PNG and paste it into other design projects.

(Video) Car Maker | @HotWheels

Now that you know how to do it, you can use the same techniques to create other logos in the future.Be sure to go throughElement Envato, where you can find many resources that could inspire you to create great designs or download them ready-to-use.

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Popular Logos from Envato Elements

Element Envatois an excellent resource for logos. Here is a short list of some of the most popular logos you can find. With a subscription, you can download as many as you want. We'll see!

Illustration racing team logo(AI, EPS, PNG, SVG)

Looking for a ready-made racing logo? Here is a great option for you as the hint of color will surely do the trick.attract everyone's attention.Feel free to customize it by editing the logo text or changing the color theme.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (61)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (62)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (63)

joystick logo(EPS, PNG, PSD)

This flame-inspired logo could be the perfect choice for your next project as it's vector and 100% editable. You can easily put your name on there and have a cool new logo to use for banners, covers, games, videos and more.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (64)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (65)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (66)

Bunny running retro cartoon illustration(AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, JPG)

Looking for a more cartoony logo design? Take a look at this fun cartoon bunny that could become the star of your logo. Just add your name, company name, contest or tagline and you're ready to go.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (67)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (68)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (69)

Hot Rods Car Racing Garage Club-Logotipo(AI, EPS, PNG, SVG)

Here's a vintage car logo badge you can use for a variety of brands. You can always edit the text or change the colors to suit your project without losing quality.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (70)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (71)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (72)

skull speed burn(AI, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG)

Looking for something more menacing? Take a look at this flaming skull and crossbones logo. Incorporate it with your logo and branding to make a big impact and grab attention.

How to create the Hot Wheels logo (73)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (74)How to create the Hot Wheels logo (75)

You want to know more?

Did you like this tutorial?how to draw a hot wheels logo? We have tons of tutorials on Envato Tuts+ that teach lots of other useful techniques. Here is a list of tutorials created especially for you. Just look!

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What font is Hot Wheels logo? ›

What is the Hot Wheels Font Called? The Hot Wheels Font used in the logo is called “Heavy Heap,” a typeface created by Typodermic Fonts.

Who designed the Hot Wheels logo? ›

The Hot Wheels logo was created by Otto Kuhni, a Mattel graphic designer. His work, including designs for Lockheed, Tyco, and more, was awarded when he landed the Diecast Designers Award and a spot in the Diecast Hall of Fame.

What does the Hot Wheels logo mean? ›

1968—The Original Logo:

It featured a fire-like symbol that comprised colors, a wordmark, and a slogan. The colors were red, orange, white, and black. The wordmark was written in a sans-serif font. And the slogan read, “Hottest metal cars in the world.” This logo conveys the energy of fire and speed.

Is the Hot Wheels logo trademarked? ›

HOT WHEELS Trademark of MATTEL, INC. - Registration Number 3237976 - Serial Number 78444211 :: Justia Trademarks.

What is the wheel logo called? ›

The Rotary wheel, unchanged since 1924, was redesigned many times in the early years of the organization. A Rotary Club of Chicago emblem that featured a wagon wheel influenced early logos of other clubs and Rotary International. Early club emblem.

Why Hot Wheels banned in India? ›

Noting the harmful impacts, US Customs in October 2021 seized a consignment of Chinese toys that contained high levels of lead, barium, and cadmium. India also implemented a ban on Chinese plastic toys for half a year in 2009 on similar grounds.

Who owns the most expensive hot wheel? ›

1 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb

While other colors were also produced, the pink one was the rarest of the bunch. It's now owned by collector Bruce Pascal who boasts the most expensive Hot Wheels car in the world and its value keeps going up. Currently, you can expect to pay $175,000 for one of these toys.

What was Hot Wheels first name? ›

The first line of Hot Wheels die-cast cars introduced were called “The Sweet 16,” and made their debut at the International Toy Fair in 1968. “The Sweet 16” were 16 cars whose designs were inspired by California muscle cars and hot rods.

What is the rarest Hot Wheels car name? ›

1971 Spectraflame Purple Bye Focal

Paint often determines a Hot Wheels car's rarity. But in this particular case Mattel printed blue, magenta, and purple editions of the 1971 Spectraflame. And the purple is considered to be ultra rare.

What was Hot Wheels slogan? ›

1970 was a very successful year for Hot Wheels, so Mattel came up with a new advertising slogan for the cars: "Go With the Winner".

What are Hot Wheels codes? ›

Starting in 2008, Mattel began using base codes (also known as date codes) on Hot Wheels vehicles. These date codes can be used to identify when an individual vehicle was manufactured in the Hot Wheels factory. Date codes are typically found on the base and card of Hot Wheels vehicles manufactured since 2008.

Can you design your own Hot Wheels? ›

It is so easy to customize that with your help, your child could customize their own car. A Hot Wheels Custom Car would make a fun birthday gift or an awesome stocking stuffer! To customize your own car visit!

Can you create your own Hot Wheels? ›

New Maker Kitz are the Hot Wheels™ cars YOU build - pop out the pre-cut plastic panels and assemble the tough snap-fit parts! Add power with not one but two turbo pull-back motors - then use the permanent pens included to create YOUR unique custom design!

Can you build your own Hot Wheels? ›

JDM Customz will customize a Hot Wheels car to look just like the real deal. Each 1/64-scale car is hand-painted to match your vehicle, and JDM can add spoilers, wings, wheels, and widebody kits and lower their suspension as well.

Is it illegal to use a trademark logo? ›

A person or company should never use a trademark or logo without written permission from its owner. To get permission and avoid trademark infringement, write a letter to the trademark owner. Include a description of why you are asking and how the logo will be used.

What Cannot be trademarked? ›

Inventions and creative works of art cannot be trademarked; they are protected by patents and copyrights, respectively. Also, some brand elements cannot be trademarked because they do not identify the source of a product or service. Names and logos that are too similar to an existing trademark cannot be trademarked.

Do all Hot Wheels have ID? ›

All cars sport full deco, Spectraflame paint, and exclusive id wheels. Several castings of scale models were retooled for track use. The id system was developed by Gerry Cody and Ron Friedman. The series was canceled in 2022 due to low sales, overproduction and the license for the chips ending.

What car has 3 circles? ›

Toyota is one of the most recognizable brands in the world thanks to its 3-circle logo.

What car has the Z logo in a circle? ›

The new Nissan Z sports car will feature redesigned badges, according to trademark applications. A new stylized "Z" logo and a redesigned Nissan brand logo are both likely to appear on the next-gen model, expected to be called 400Z. We expect Nissan to debut the new Z sometime this year.

What car logo has 3 diamonds? ›

"Mitsubishi" and the Famous Three-Diamond Mark

The name "Mitsubishi" refers to the three-diamond emblem. "Mitsubishi" is a combination of the words mitsu and hishi.

Did Hot Wheels shut down? ›

January 31, 2022 – we're shutting down the game servers. After that, it'll become impossible to play HWIL any more.

Are Hot Wheels still metal? ›

Each Hot Wheels made today contains die-cast or metal in them but less than they did in 1968, Wu said. Parts of each car —which are produced in a limited number of colors— are also made of plastic; sometimes that can be the body or the chassis of the car.

Why are Hot Wheels hard to find? ›

During the pandemic, it was hard to find any of these models because of production issues, supply chain snarls, and other factors. But Hot Wheels can still be hard to find today, even though those issues have largely cleared up. That, collectors say, is because of resellers.

What car costs $3 million dollars? ›

28. Koenigsegg Jesko: $3 million. The Jesko is our first hypercar that hits the three million dollar mark. From a performance aspect, this makes sense: the Koenigsegg Jesko is also one of the fastest supercars in the world in 2023 – which definitely goes a long way towards its sticker price.

What is the oldest hot wheel car? ›

1) The first Hot Wheels car that was produced was a dark blue custom Camaro in 1968. You may recognize the Camaro name from Transformers movies; Bumblebee transforms into the muscle car while saving the day.

What is the rarest Hot Wheels color? ›

Based on the design of a 1970 Oldsmobile 442, this Hot Wheels car is the rarest casting from the Redline era (1968-1977). Even cars in poor condition are still sought after. The rarest of them all is the purple Olds 442. A Purple Olds 442 will sell from $1,500 to $7,000.

How many Hot Wheels exist? ›

Over 130 new variations of Hot Wheels designs are manufactured each year, and these colorful and unique designs are sold in over 150 countries. There are also over 20,000 different models in existence overall, making a complete collection something that's nearly impossible to acquire.

What came first Barbie or Hot Wheels? ›

Introduced in 1968, Hot Wheels went on to become a No. 1-selling toy brand. But the couple faced a downside of success. Daughter Barbara and her brother, Kenneth, were said to be teased incessantly because of their affiliation with the famous dolls (Ken, Barbie's long-time boy toy, was introduced in 1961).

What is the most cool Hot Wheels car? ›

Now, we're looking at 10 absolute favourites from the past 54 years of Hot Wheels.
  • 1968 Custom Camaro. Like all good stories, we ought to start at the beginning. ...
  • 1969 Beach Bomb. ...
  • 2021 IWC Mercedes 300SL. ...
  • 1990 Corvette collection. ...
  • 2022 Texas Toot. ...
  • 2008 diamond-encrusted car. ...
  • 2012 Mad Manga. ...
  • 2022 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti.
Dec 26, 2022

Which Hot Wheels are worth money? ›

Check for any classic Hot Wheels cars with “redlines,” or red stripes on the tires, made from 1968–1977 that are worth up to $200 USD. Look for the “Sweet 16” cars from the first production run, like the Custom Camaro or Custom Volkswagen without a sunroof, that are worth up to $200 USD.

What is hidden in the Hot Wheels logo? ›

There is a tire hidden in the Hot Wheels logo. It's right there, in the negative space between the H and the W. It is viewed as an isometric object. The “o” makes up the sidewall, and the “t” is written on the tread.

Does Mattel own Matchbox? ›

Matchbox is a popular toy brand which was introduced by Lesney Products in 1953, and is now owned by Mattel, Inc, which purchased the brand in 1997.

How old is Hot Wheels? ›

Hot Wheels® might be the best-selling toy brand of all time, with a total production of more than 6 billion cars since the brand's founding in 1968.

Do Hot Wheels count as wheels? ›

Not to mention, almost every toy car, like hot wheels, has wheels, but not accessible doors. As the toy doors do not actually open, making them invalid in the total count.

What is code 3 Hot Wheels? ›

Code 3 cars are customized Hot Wheels cars done by a third party with no licensing by Mattel. They start out as a stock Hot Wheels model off the shelf. Then, the third party disassembles the cars for repainting, graphics and new packaging.

How much do Hot Wheels designers make? ›

In addition to a salary that Wood and his co-workers describe as "competitive" -- industrial designers in Los Angeles earn $40,000 to $80,000 a year depending on experience, according to -- Hot Wheels designers also enjoy a certain level of celebrity among collectors.

Has Hot Wheels made every car? ›

Hot Wheels has designed a die-cast toy car for nearly every car ever manufactured and has customized some of the most iconic cars in the world including Dodge Dart, Chevrolet Camaro®, Ford Mustang, Porsche 911 and Volkswagen Beetle to name a few.

Do Hot Wheels stick to magnets? ›

A: Just tried it with a few old hotwheels cars, they didn't hold at all. They seem to be made more of plastic than metal, but maybe your son's toys are a different material.

Who creates Hot Wheels? ›

Mattel, Inc. Since 1968, more than 4 billion Hot Wheels® cars have been produced.

Can adults buy Hot Wheels? ›

Yes, that's right, adults collect toy cars as well and it is actually an amazing hobby that a lot of people are enthused about.

What font is similar to Hot Wheels? ›

Heavy Heap is a groovy psychedelic typeface on fire! It has got a scorching look, reminiscent of 1960s hot-rod culture and die-cast toy vehicles.

What font is the Buffalo Wild Wings logo? ›

NOTE: These are the only approved colors that may be used in any of the Buffalo Wild Wings logos. AACHEN BOLD (PRIMARY) Typography gives our brand a voice.

What is the rotary font? ›

Frutiger is the primary typeface.

What font is Panini logo? ›

The fonts used are Gotham and Pagode. Save this answer.

What font looks like vintage? ›

Chivels. This is a special font, not only because the vintage letters look like they were actually carved with chisels, but also because it has that distinct look. Perfect for beverage labels, posters, or brochures, the Chivels font comes in six different styles, so you have where to pick from.

Which font looks like hand printing? ›

Examples of handwritten typefaces include Kalam and Tillana.

What font is similar to Gill Sans Canva? ›

Gill Sans Alternatives
  • Elido. 15 styles. from $50.
  • Gill Sans. 15 styles. from $43.99.
  • ITC Johnston. 6 styles. from $29.99.
  • Gill Kayo Condensed. 1 style. from $35.99.
  • Mundo Sans. 20 styles. from $49.
  • ITC Adderville. 3 styles. from $29.99.
  • EF Today Sans Serif H. 12 styles. from $35.
  • FF Kievit. 18 styles. from $69.99.

Is Redwing font free? ›

Usage Rights. Both the full type family and free weights of Redwing are available for personal and commercial use. Re-distribution of font files is prohibited without the expressed consent of Jeremy Nelson. Got a questions about typography and type design?

Is Bison font free? ›

Bison Font Family (Free download) on Behance. *Free version available for personal use only.

What is a wild font? ›

Description. Wild is a bold and rough lettered display font. It will give a dramatic look to each of the designs that you wish to develop.

What are the 3 font styles? ›

Some of the most popular types of fonts include serif, sans serif, slab serif, script and decorative.

What are the three main font styles? ›

Fonts vary widely by shape, size, and style. Although there are innumerable fonts available today, the vast majority of them can be organized into three distinct categories. These font types include serif, sans serif, and formal script.

What are straight fonts called? ›

Sans Serif Fonts

During the mid-20th century, German designers further expanded the typeface with the creation of the popular Helvetica design. These fonts are defined by their clean, straight lines.

What font is sports? ›

What is a Sporty Font? Raleigh Gothic is a condensed sans serif with a retro spirit. Raleigh Gothic is cool and athletic, with a freshness that's perfectly at home in modern sports-themed designs. This font is great for advertisements, sports apparel and athletic fashion spreads.

What fonts can I use in a logo? ›

Some common examples include slab serif, garamond, bodoni, and didot. Serif typefaces are best used as business logo fonts if your brand is attempting to convey feelings of elegance and tradition.


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