Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (2023)

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (1)

Theater Of Blood venue: Edwina Lionheart attends her father's memorial: Sievier Monument, Kensal Green Cemetery, Kensal Green, London NW10

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (2)

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This delightfully tacky dark comedy was shot entirely on actual local locationsLondon, givesVincent PriceOne of his best roles as Edward the Lionheart, Shakespeare's rousing ham who kills theater critics who had criticized his performances.

The twist is that the Critics, a troupe of great British actors, are thrown into a killing spree inspired by the gory scenes fromShakespeare.

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (3)

Location of the Theater Of Blood: George Maxwell's apartment building: Digby Mansions, Hammersmith Bridge Road, Hammersmith, London W6

The first to go is George Maxwell (Michael Hordern), who unwisely accepts an invitation on Ides of March. His apartment is thereDigby Mansions, Hammersmith Bridge Roadin the Lower Mall with a viewHammersmith use(right next to the rowing club and pub, seen insliding doors),W6. The mansion seems to be an on-screen favourite, as it was previously located thereGloria Grahame, where she is visited by a German spyStephan Boyd, 1955 World War II dramaThe man who never was.

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (4)

Locatie van Theatre Of Blood: The Critics Gather for George Maxwell's Funeral: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green, NW10

The members of the circle of critics gather in front of the chapelKensal Green Cemetery,Harrow Road, Kensal Green, W10, for Maxwell's funeral.

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (5)

Location of the Theater of Blood: Hector's body is dragged by a horse: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green, NW10

The proceedings are interrupted by the shocking arrival of the body of Hector Snipe (Dennis Price), dragged bloody behind a horse like its namesakeTroilus on Cressida. OfThree, Incidentally.

Lionheart's faithful actress daughter Edwina (Diana Rig) maintains his memorial in the cemetery. The wonderfully fitting statue is the (self-designed) memorial for the sculptorRobert Willem Sievierin the colonnade of the mausoleum, withStrongerThe face is cleverly camouflaged to resemble himVincent Price.

Along with Highgate and Brompton cemeteriesKensal greenis one of the city's great 19th-century necropolises. The ornate funerary monuments include the final resting places of Victorian greats such as engineersIsambard Kingdom Brunel, auteurAnthony Trollope,Lady 'Hope' Wilde, the mother ofOscar Wilde. Playwright and screenwriterTerence Rattiganalso rests here, unmarked, in the family monument.

The cemetery was also visible on the screenCliff Owenis the film adaptation of the 1972 British TV sitcomSteptoe and son;In Jordanis 1999The end of the affairand the film adaptation of a groundbreaking stage playLooking back angrily.

The Pergola Restaurant where Trevor Dickman (Harry Andries) is tempted to attend a (slightly rewritten) performance byThe trader from Venice, was the Serpentine Restaurant, which overlooked the Serpentine GalleryHyde Park. The airy classic of hexagonal concrete screens from 1964 was surprisingly demolished in 1990 to make way for a parking lot.

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (6)

Venue of the Theater Of Blood: The Wine Tasting at George Clarence & Sons: Justice Walk, Chelsea, London SW3

The absorbing old Oliver Larding (Robert Coate) can't resist the invitation to a wine tasting. He is given a police escort, but as a theater critic, the name of the establishment - "George Clarence & Sons" - might have warned him that something bad was going on. The entrance to the party is a "cellar door" next to itJustice Walk 7, Chelsea SW3, a narrow street between Upper Cheyne Row and Cheyne Walk, just a few minutes' walk from Uncle Monty's house.

The candlelit "wine cellar" itself, where Larding resides in a horribly real versionRichard III, taking advantage of the vaulted cellars under London Bridge StationTooleystraat SE1. The somber room has been remodeled to match the original London Dungeon. It opened in 1974 as the gory "Chamber of Secrets" and morphed into an animatronic and actor-led presentation of the city's bloodier history. In 2013, as part of the planned redevelopment of London Bridge Station, the cellars were closed and a new building erecteddungeon of Londonopened in the old County Hall building near the London Eye. Unfortunately, this family-friendly attraction has disappointingly toned down the heartbreaking carnage that made the original so popular.

When Lionheart is presumed dead, the police question Edwina on the set of a movie she stars inlong walk, the avenue leading from thereWindsor Great-parkNastySchloss Windsor,WindsorInBerkshire.

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (7)

Ort des Theatre Of Blood: die Heimat des Solomon Psaltery: Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW3

Solomon's Psalter (Jack Hawkins), who must be an extremely successful critic, is framedOthello-like strangling his wife Maisie (Diana Dors) in a posh Chelsea Embankment house,8 Cheyne Walkon Royal Hospital Road,Chelsea SW3, with a viewAlbertbrug(other place forsliding doors). It is only minutes away from the outer facade used for wine tasting.

Blue Plaque observers may note that the house is located among the poet's former homesDante Gabriel Rossettiand writersGeorge Eliot.

It was while working on itTheater of BloodOfVincent Pricemet and later marriedCoral Browne. She plays the bossy Chloe Moon, who really lets her ash hair shine at the (now-defunct) hair stylist Robert Fielding Salon. opposite the famous Harrod's department storeKnightsbridge, SW7. The entire block has now been renovated.

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (8)

Theater Of Blood venue: Meredith Merridew's home: Charlwood Road, Putney, London SW15

The home of the extravagant campexpertsMeredith Merridew (Robert Morley), who is hideously forced to eat his "babies" in a murder he inspiredShakespeares bloodiest revenge festivalTitus Andronicus, IsCharlwood Road 19on Lacy Road, just a few minutes from the theater venuePutney, London SW15. ‎

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (9)

Theater of Blood venue: Lionheart performs the monologueWeilerben Treffpunkt des Critics Circle: Peninsula Heights, Albert Embankment, Lambeth SE1

Peninsula Heights(formerly Alembic House), a tall buildingAlbert dambetween Lambeth and Vauxhall Bridges, the home of Peregrine Devlin (Ian Hendrik) and meeting point of the circle of critics.

Lionheart runs in from one of the building's balconiesriver Thamesafter the surprisingly moving rendition ofWeilers most famous monologue.

House of the writer and disgraced colleagueHeer Jeffrey ArcherThe tower's unrivaled views of the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament make it irresistible to filmmakers.Michael CaineorganizedThe Italian jobHere;George SegalWorks in the building - although the entrance is clearly in the City of London - in the 1973 romantic comedyA touch of class; and theheightsbecame the headquarters of "Media Incorporated", whereBarry Fosterappears as a sinister PR man in the theatrical version of the TV seriesSweeney!

Filming locations for Theater Of Blood (1973) in London and Berkshire. (10)

Theater Of Blood venue: Theater venue - the old Putney Hippodrome: Felsham Road, Putney, London SW15

And now the disappointment. The old Burbage Theater itself was the Putney Hippodrome, which stood on the cornerFelsham Roadin Weimar Street, just off Putney High Street,Putney SW15. It was demolished in 1975 and housing is now located on the site. Towards the end you can clearly see the Hippodrome sign running along the front of the building.

Built in 1906 as a variety theater, the Hippodrome was converted into a cinema in the 1930s, but was closed for 14 years when it was chosen as the Lionheart's hideout. The proscenium was built especially for the film, a chandelier was added and 500 seats (50 pence each) purchased from Croydon Odeon to fill the dilapidated stalls.

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