All Terraria bosses sorted by difficulty (2023)

The forces of darkness abound in Terraria's many domains, but bosses reign supreme. Bosses don't stack in the exact order you'll encounter them, however, so we've ranked all of Terraria's bosses by difficulty so you can see how your objective aligns.

The developers have done very well, making the starting boss, King Slime, the easiest and the final boss, Moon Lord, the hardest at the end, but each of the 17 main bosses have their timing and skills to make the fight harder. direct classification.

That's why we've done our best to provide all the reasons for our leaderboards with different levels and tips on how to find the bosses and how to deal with them once you've met them.

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  • 17. King Slime
  • 16. Golem
  • 15. Mad Cultist
  • 14. Devourer of Worlds
  • 13. Brain of Cthulu
  • 12. Eye of Cthulu
  • 11. Slime Queen
  • 10. Queen Bee
  • 9. Skeleton
  • 8. First skeleton
  • 7. The Destroyer
  • 6. The twins
  • 5. Flesh Wall
  • 4. Plant
  • 3. Duque Fishron
  • 2. Empress of Light
  • 1. Lord of the Moon

17. King Slime

All Terraria bosses sorted by difficulty (1)

It will appear randomly and you may never see it, but the Slime King can be kicked out in a number of ways. Either kill 150 slimes in a Slime Shower or create a Slime Crown. Fighting the Slime King isn't too difficult as he's relatively slow and most of his attacks can be easily dodged.

Even in the greatest of difficulties, he's not very dangerous, especially if you can keep him within reach. He himself has no ranged attacks and his movements are pretty much limited to the ground.. King Slime is also quick to take advantage of fire damage, one of the most common you'll encounter early on.

King Slime's biggest challenges come with all the little slimes he spawns. He can also teleport and surprise players when he jumps exceptionally high. However, even in the most daunting of difficulties, he is countered by laying ropes on him and jumping between them.

You can walk on it at a certain height and completely ignore its damage.This puts it in the relatively free category and is probably the easiest boss in the game.

16. Golem

The last boss of the jungle temple can only be found in said temple. He can also only be defeated after defeating Plantera, although there are feats of fighting him first. To fight him you need to use a Lizard Power Cell on the Lizard Altar.

As long as you have a power cell in your inventory, you can use your door opener command on the altar to gain access. Defeating the golem will cause the cultist to spawn at the dungeon entrance on all updated platforms.

Despite being found relatively late in the game, the Golem boss is one of the easiest you'll encounter. Its attacks are easy to dodge, and instead it is confined to the ground, much like the Slime King. He has great trouble hitting players who can come and go at a reasonable pace.

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Finally, he cannot move through blocks and is very slow.You have to be careful though, as his attacks increase as the battle lengthens and he has to fight in a fairly closed area.. Its most challenging attack comes when it detaches its head, and it moves through walls while rapidly firing at the player.

15. Mad Cultist

As said, this boss appears at the dungeon entrance after you defeat the golem. The four cultists will appear in front of the gate. You must have destroyed the entrance to your dungeon. This boss isn't too difficult due to its low life and vulnerability when summoning its decoys.

It's also pretty easy to spot where the true cultist is. However, due to its small size, it can be difficult to attack, and it fills the battlefield with hundreds of projectiles that are difficult to dodge.You also need to be careful as it gets more dangerous with each bait. If you fight this boss, you should be too strong for him to get into big trouble.

14. Devourer of Worlds

All Terraria bosses sorted by difficulty (2)

The Eater of Worlds is the second boss you don't have to fight. However, if you're looking for a fight, there are two ways to spawn it. It is summoned into corruption for every third shadow orb you break with a hammer or explosives.

You can also make him spawn by preparing worm food on a demon altar by combining 30 Vile Powder and 15 Rotten Chunks.When fighting the Eater of Worlds, you must use piercing attacks and aim for the head. His head is low on health and pauses every time a charge is destroyed.

It also has relatively low damage, which helps place it at this tier. Some classes like melee can take on him. His ranged attack needs to be used with care, though, and he's well protected against burst damage.

Its deadliest attack is its head attack, and perhaps the most challenging part of the fight is that individual segments will attack you as you start ripping it apart.For larger difficulties, using an up and down dodge pattern can help.

13. Brain of Cthulu

The Crimson variant of the Eater of Worlds, Brains of Cthulhu is also a boss you can skip if you don't want to fight him. However, it has many useful drops and can be spawned in the Crimson world by breaking Crimson Hearts. Just like before, every third heart will spawn it.

You can also summon the Brain by combining 30 Vicious Dust and 15 Vortex to make a Bloody Thorn on a Crimson Altar. This guy and his minions will rush you into battle, but with circular motion and a bit of patience, it's relatively easy.

Its tendrils are vulnerable to piercing attacks, and during the second stage the brain is weak to apply pressure. His vines also drop hearts at a high rate, which helps, although they can often overwhelm the player as well.
This cerebral boss and his vines use a lot of debuffs, and the second phase is unwieldy at times. This boss is about to reach the next level.

12. Eye of Cthulu

You can often find this boss before King Slime, but you're guaranteed to see him because he'll be looking for you. Once you hit 200 health there is a 1 in 3 chance it will haunt you every night.

It can also be summoned manually with a Suspicious Eye, or crafted with five lenses on a Demon Altar.As for fighting the Eye of Cthulhu, it's easy to dodge in its early stages, and the many minions behind it are very weak. However, these minions can be very annoying and he can fly.

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It flies at a decently fast speed, especially on the more formidable difficulties, has powerful runs, and can even become unforgettable while progressing through its third phase.The tactics to defeat this boss are relatively simple as you will want to run away quickly if you can.

As long as you have clearance to run away in a straight line and have ranged damage to hit the boss while moving, the Eye of Cthulhu can be taken out fairly quickly. Even if he starts moving diagonally, dodging isn't a problem as long as you're moving at a reasonable pace.

11. Slime Queen

All Terraria bosses sorted by difficulty (3)

One of the two newer bosses added to the game, this boss spawns on the Sanctuary with a Jelly Crystal and is a completely optional Hard Mode encounter. The crystal can be found in the underground relic.

The first form of this boss is quite similar to the fight with King Slime, but it becomes much more difficult in its second phase.Queen Slime is equipped with two wings, making her much more difficult to avoid than her more ground-based companion.

10. Queen Bee

This boss is found by destroying the larva you find in the beehives in the underground jungle region. The Queen Bee must be summoned in the jungle biome. It can also be invoked with the Abeemination item, created from 5 Honey Blocks created with 1 Stinger, 5 Hive Blocks and 1 Bottled Honey (3DS players have additional rules here).

When fighting this boss, you can counter its deadly attacks with a bezoar. Her friendly mini bees are also pretty weak and she stands still while she spawns the bees.However, the bees are quite annoying, and the queen bee herself uses quick attacks when she starts charging and shooting her stingers.

It can also be dangerous because accidentally breaking the larva can cause it to breed, leading to intense moments of surprise.This boss isn't too difficult to take care of since he has to fight on several levels, but her speed and her strength when encountering her will help her to reach this level of difficulty.If you don't prepare enough, this bee can also rise.

9. Skeleton

You can only summon and fight this boss at night, and it's one you're pretty much guaranteed to fight as you progress. You must defeat him to enter the dungeon. You can do this by cursing the old man at the entrance to the dungeon.

Alternatively, it can be summoned using Clothier's Voodoo Doll. This is a rare drop found after defeating him, allowing you to kill NPC Clothier and fight again.When it comes to battling the powerful Skeletron, it's not overly complicated, but it's far more important than most bosses you've encountered so far, with the exception of Queen Bee.

His homing skull attack is relatively easy to dodge and gets pretty slow once he starts spinning. It's also brittle to the bee weapons you've probably come across.

However, you have to be careful with your spin attack because it can be very deadly if you get caught.It inflicts slows and debuffs and is very dangerous when both hands are up. You will also want to fight him at night since he becomes the dungeon guard at dawn.

8. First skeleton

All Terraria bosses sorted by difficulty (4)

You can force this boss to spawn with the Mechanical Skull summoning item. It's also a rare drop found on enemies. To craft the Clockwork Skull, you must collect 30 Bones, 5 Iron Ingots or Light Ingots, and 3 Night Souls and 3 Light Souls. You can craft it on your mithril or talcum anvil.

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This boss is similar to the first time you fought him, except he now has four arms instead of two.Although he will be one of the first bosses, you can use the combination of Daedalus Storm Bow and Holy Arrows to make it easier and his attacks are easy to dodge.

Killing his Prime Laser makes it pretty easy, and standing on off-block platforms will help take down the Prime Cannon. This boss has a high life and you will have to fight him at night when he becomes a dungeon guard at dawn.You'll also have to beware of the same deadly spinning-head attack, but if you deal with the five different parts one by one, you'll eventually get comfortable.

7. The Destroyer

The summoning item for this boss is called the Mechanical Worm and it can be found as a rare drop from enemies.It is also possible to craft the Clockwork Worm using 6 Rotted Chunks or 6 Vertebrae plus 5 Iron or Lead Ingots plus Souls of the Night with a Mithril or Talc Anvil.

A more challenging version of the World Eater boss, the Destroyer suffers from the Stormbow Holy Arrow Combo.It spawns in a tight area, making it pretty easy to shoot and deal a lot of damage.

You should aim for the head as again it has less defense than the body. Beware of his dangerous head attack and the many pesky probes he spawns. This boss tends to be more challenging than the other version due to the high damage his probes deal.

6. The twins

These guys can be spawned with the Mechanical Eye summoning item, which also turns into a rare drop once you hit hard mode. If you're trying to craft the Mechanical Eye, you'll need your Mithril or Talc Anvil along with 3 Lenses, 5 Iron or Lead Ingots, and 6 Light Souls.

There is a lot of discussion about how difficult it is to fight this boss. As long as you tolerate it and try to take out the Twins 1v1, the fight will be a lot more enjoyable.However, we gave it a higher difficulty because fighting this boss can be like fighting two bosses at the same time, especially if you screw it up and have them on both sides.

The first phase of this boss is relatively easy, but the second phase can be quite deadly.They have high damage output, and the combination of melee and range they offer can be overwhelming at times, especially on the higher difficulties.

5. Flesh Wall

All Terraria bosses sorted by difficulty (5)

The last boss you will encounter before hard mode is in the Underworld biome. You must throw a voodoo guide doll into the lava for it to appear.You can get them by killing the flying demons that will carry voodoo dolls on their legs.

Your guide NPC must be alive for the voodoo doll to activate. It can spawn indefinitely and defeating it will put your world in hard mode. Be careful when killing the demons as you might accidentally spawn them.

Fighting this boss can be challenging. It's quite slow at first, and aiming for the eyes will have a more significant effect than hitting the mouth. Using your bee weapons also helps here.As the fight progresses his damage will increase and his speed will increase and he has many different attacks he throws at you so you should keep as much distance as possible.

It doesn't help attacking you from long range and constantly spawns minions to distract you. In particular, you must be careful not to get trapped and pulled in.

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4. Plant

You don't have access to a fight with Plantera until you've defeated each of the three mech bosses above. Once you've done that, you can find Plantera by going to the underground jungle biome and searching for one of her pink lightbulbs in the underground jungle.

They slowly grow one by one after defeating the mechanical bosses. Eventually there will be many, and defeating Plantera grants access to many new things such as gear, NPCs, and more formidable enemies.Corruption and Hallow will also spread more slowly. Plantera has no summoning items.

This boss deserves its level as it is one of the most challenging bosses you will face in the game. Your best method of dealing with this boss is to move around it in a circular motion.It's also relatively slow, especially in its first phase, while the second phase is a little vulnerable to the mentioned Storm Bow and Holy Arrows combo.

You have to be careful with his high speed and variety of attacks as he uses several different methods to attack you. Dodging those pesky spikeballs while being careful of Plantera's tentacles makes this fight quite difficult. You should also be careful about going too far out of the jungle as this boss will get angry and attack faster.

3. Duque Fishron

This boss can be fought at any time once you switch to hard mode. He's only here because that's usually the time you want to fight him.Duke Fishron can be spawned at any time by throwing a fishing rod into the sea with a truffle worm as bait.

These can be found in the underground mushroom biome, and you'll need an Insect Net to catch them. They can be difficult to see and also difficult to recognize. As long as you have the worm in your inventory, casting your staff will cause this optional boss to appear.

When fighting this boss, he will have problems with vertical movement and will stop moving when changing form or using special abilities.However, it is difficult as his attacks increase as the battle progresses and he has a very high damage output.

In its third phase, it becomes almost unforgettable, filling the battlefield with many Sharkrons and Sharknados. You should also be careful as he will go into a rage if you stray too far from the ocean.

2. Empress of Light

The other newcomer is one of the most challenging bosses the game has ever seen. This optional post-Plantera boss can be defeated by killing a Prismatic Lacewing in the Hallow biome.They play at night between 7:30pm and 6:30pm. M. and 12:00 p.m. M. For this fight, you should move as quickly as possible, since the Empress has a wide range of attacks that will test your concentration.

In addition to the numerous projectiles to spot, most of his attacks deal a lot of damage. Finally, the Empress is one of the more treacherous enemies you'll fight in the game, making her particularly monstrous on the more daunting difficulties.

1. Lord of the Moon

All Terraria bosses sorted by difficulty (6)

It appears automatically after defeating the Four Pillars of the Moon, also known as the Celestial Towers.You can also spawn this boss by creating the Celestial Seal. You'll need a good amount of each of the four shards, which you can find by defeating Moon Pillars, to prepare this item.This can take a while, so be prepared to beat him on the first try if you can.

The last boss is also the hardest, although it's not impossible. His Phantasmal Deathray is easy to dodge, and killing his Eyes at the same time can make the fight that much easier. He also struggles with fast-flying mounts.

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However, you should be careful as it has too high damage output and health to get it.He also has numerous attacks that can quickly overwhelm the player, as well as lifestyle-avoiding abilities.


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